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Little boy gives rude hand gesture at Pippa Middleton’s wedding, steals the show

Move aside “frowning flower girl” Grace Van Cutsem who stole the show at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. There’s a new superhero in town and he’s a bit more mischievous.  SEE ALSO: The Royal Wedding’s Best Meme? We Pick Frowning Flower Girl Pippa Middleton married James Matthews over the weekend and one little...CONTINUE READING

'The future that liberals want' is here, it's now and it's a meme

What is the future that liberals want?  That’s the question everyone’s asking (and meme-ing) after rando right wing political Twitter account @polNewsNetwork1—what, @polNewsNetwork was already taken?—sent out a tweet trying to criticize liberals on Wednesday: This is the future that liberals wantpic.twitter.com/QwterpqQbH — /pol/ News Network (@polNewsNetwork1) March 1, 2017 The tweet reads “this is...CONTINUE READING
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What Apple’s new HomePod looks like, according to the internet

Apple finally announced its new smart speaker, the HomePod. The Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor promises better sound and uses Siri to do things like play music, control smart devices, and answer questions for $349.  SEE ALSO: Apple finally reveals its Siri-powered Amazon Echo killer While it just revealed Monday at WWDC, the internet...CONTINUE READING

There are many great Obama-Biden bromance memes, but only one made the VP laugh for an hour

ATTENTION, INTERNET: Joe Biden has chosen his favorite Obama bromance meme. With literally thousands to choose from, the former vice president and America’s actual sweetheart Joe Biden has made an official selection of his favorite meme with his BFF(AE), America’s other actual sweetheart Barack Obama. SEE ALSO: RIP, Biden memes: How the VP awakened the...CONTINUE READING

The universe reached down and blessed us all with a new Meryl Streep meme

Cherished actress, political activist, wonderful eye-roller: Meryl Streep is a woman of many cultural roles. Now, she joins the ranks of other greats as a big, bright, beautiful meme.  An old picture from the 2015 SAG awards shows the inimitable actor shouting through closed hands. The internet wisely chose to use this pic as a...CONTINUE READING

How China’s most enduring meme has lasted a decade

If you’ve spent any time on Chinese social media, you would’ve found it impossible to miss this unique style of reaction images. They’re often cartoonishly drawn outlines around a black-and-white photo, and they’ve become a part of everyday usage on platforms like Weibo and Wechat. Image: UBiaoqing/Baozoumanhua/Mashable CompositeTurns out, this image style has been a...CONTINUE READING
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