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If Neil deGrasse Tyson ever puts out an album, the internet has cover art suggestions

Neil deGrasse Tyson makes no claims about his abilities as a singer and songwriter. And yet when the internet’s favorite astrophysicist tweeted a photo of himself luxuriating in casual blue button-down, Twitter responded accordingly.  If I had any singing talent and if I knew how to write love songs and if I recorded them, then...CONTINUE READING

Romney dining with Trump is the ultimate real-life Jim Halpert

Way back in the spring, Mitt Romney called Donald Trump “a fraud” who “lacks the temperament to be president.”  What a difference a couple of months makes. On Tuesday night, he was spotted at four-star restaurant Jean Georges in New York City having dinner with the president-elect. (On the menu: frog legs, scallops and sirloin.)...CONTINUE READING

<div>People can't stop lining up their faces with money and it's kind of great</div>

When boredom strikes you never know what new trend you may accidentally discover. Redditor Fouad_Osama was feeling a little bored during a car ride on Tuesday, so he decided to fold a $5 bill in half and attempt to match his face with Abe Lincoln’s using just the right angle with his camera.  Maybe it’s...CONTINUE READING

<div>Teen contestant makes Alex Trebeck ask the internet's favorite question</div>

Some things never get old. On Thursday’s Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, one contestant was stumped by the Final Jeopardy question. Instead of panicking, Sabrina saw opportunity knocking on her door, and paid a brilliant tribute to the internet. SEE ALSO: Yes, you did hear Alex Trebek drop ‘Jumpman’ lyrics on ‘Jeopardy’ The question was: “Roughly half...CONTINUE READING

Pepe the Frog cartoon added to online hate symbol database

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has officially declared the Pepe the Frog cartoon a hate symbol. The internet meme, created by cartoonist Matt Furie back in 2005, has recently been adopted by neo-Nazis and currently serves as an icon of the white nationalist alt-right movement. As a result, on Wednesday, the white supremacist-related image of the...CONTINUE READING

<div>Apple's iPhone 7 just singlehandedly killed the 'hand me the aux cord' meme</div>

Thanks to the iPhone 7 coming without the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack, the catchphrase “hand me the aux cord” might not be relevant anymore for Apple users. The aux cord, or auxillary cord, is typically a 3.5mm audio cable that connects the phone to the stereo system in a car, so you can share your...CONTINUE READING
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