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Time’s Up UK fund pays out £1M to combat sexual assault and harassment

When the Justice and Equality Fund was set up earlier this year, it was kicked off with a £1million ($1,3 million) donation from Emma Watson and signed off on by more than 200 British women in the entertainment industry.  SEE ALSO: Why the UK has set up a separate fund to further the Time’s Up...CONTINUE READING

Large Adult Sons are taking over Twitter with the ‘This is MY son’ meme

Watch out, Large Adult Sons are all over Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet, someone who goes by @MarlaReynoldsc3 posted a photo of a grinning man in uniform and wrote:  Yikes, right? Look at this Large Adult Son.Image: screenshot/@Marlareynoldsc3People responded in the most mature way possible. Not by explaining that the #MeToo movement isn’t the result...CONTINUE READING

#MeToo has sparked a big shift in attitudes towards harassment, new research shows

#MeToo. Those were the two words that started a revolution. One year on from the outpouring of profoundly personal stories about sexual harassment and violence, research has found that the movement prompted a major shift in people’s attitude’s towards harassment.  SEE ALSO: Women over 50 see sexual harassment very differently than millennials New research by...CONTINUE READING

Alyssa Milano stares daggers at Brett Kavanaugh throughout his hearing

Today’s senate hearing involving Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford has drawn the masses to TV screens across the nation, and has inspired survivors of sexual assault to come forward with their own stories.  And inside the chamber, actress Alyssa Milano, a leading figure in the #MeToo movement, was present at the hearing, and could...CONTINUE READING

Jane Fonda throws the debate around comebacks for #MeToo men into sharp relief

Do guys like Louis C.K. or Charlie Rose deserve a comeback? Does any disgraced sexual predator? What has to happen before such a comeback is even possible? These questions have been rattling around online for some time, though C.K.’s recent attempted return to stand-up raised the volume. Now, Jane Fonda has some advice for all...CONTINUE READING

#DearProfessorFord: Actresses support Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser ahead of hearings

Hollywood actresses and women from around the U.S., some being key members of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, have shown their support for Christine Blasey Ford. Blasey, a professor at California’s Palo Alto University, who recently accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, has seen significant public support after she made the...CONTINUE READING

Terry Crews shares apology letter from the agent that allegedly assaulted him

Terry Crews has accepted an apology from Adam Venit. SEE ALSO: Terry Crews hasn’t heard from ‘Expendables’ co-stars following assault claims On Friday, Crews posted the apology letter he received from former William Morris Endeavor agent, the man who Crews said sexually assaulted him at an industry function in 2016. The allegations first surfaced when...CONTINUE READING

The real-life story behind BoJack Horseman’s episode on forgiving abusive men in Hollywood

BoJack Horseman is a show that’s so prescient in its satirization of our culture that it often feels like it’s predicting the future. Think back to the Oscars screw-up of 2017, which basically happened to BoJack a year before in Season 3, when Mr. Peanutbutter mistakenly awarded him Best Actor. Comparisons between the show’s Season...CONTINUE READING

Olivia Munn is paying a price for her bravery and it’s so very wrong

It’s striking to see Olivia Munn fielding an interview all alone when The Predator, the movie’s she repping at Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, is an ensemble effort. On Thursday, we learned that Fox cut a scene out of The Predator because it featured a registered sex offender, also a friend of director Shane...CONTINUE READING
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