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‘Person-1’ memes are in all places after prosecutors counsel ‘really extensive’ jail time for Cohen

Grab your popcorn. Refill your tea. Individual-1 is getting meme’d.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York filed separate memos giving their sentencing recommendations for Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. Manhattan prosecutors suggested “substantial” prison time of between roughly four and five years, while Mueller noted Cohen has...CONTINUE READING

Donald Trump just basically Yelp reviewed Michael Cohen

Donald Trump has finally spoken out about his former lawyer Michael Cohen, and it appears he’s not very pleased with his services. After Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts and Michael Cohen reached a plea deal and implicated Trump of campaign finance crimes, Trump decided Wednesday morning to offer a tongue-in-cheek review of...CONTINUE READING

What was Fox News covering while Manafort and Cohen were in court? This hilarious meme has some answers.

Hey, Fox News, any big news going on? No? Okay.  As you may have noticed, a lot went down on Tuesday. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, was found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud.  Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, meanwhile, plead guilty to campaign finance crimes and stated that Trump directed...CONTINUE READING

Trump fixer Michael Cohen pleads guilty and promptly gets roasted for his crimes

Remember back in 2015 when Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen joked about sending Hillary Clinton to prison? It’s funny how things change. It now appears that Cohen, not Clinton, will be the one headed to prison. On Tuesday, Cohen reached a plea deal in the Southern District of New York, pleading guilty on charges that include...CONTINUE READING

‘The Late Show’ has its own version of the secret Trump-Cohen tape

So, we’ve heard the audio of the secret recording between Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, but now there’s video? Well, at least a video made by Stephen Colbert and The Late Show team. The late night show has crafted their own comedic video accompaniment to the real 2016 recording aired by CNN...CONTINUE READING

‘Get me a Coke, please.’ People are losing it over this moment in the leaked Trump tape.

A secret tape featuring Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen discussing a payment for Playboy model Karen McDougal’s story was aired on CNN Tuesday night. And one particular moment has spawned a thirsty meme. SEE ALSO: John Cleese very bluntly confirms that people in Britain don’t like Trump The conversation, which isn’t the...CONTINUE READING

The Feds wiretapped Trump’s lawyer and everyone made the same joke

NBC News dropped something of a bombshell on Thursday afternoon, reporting that federal investigators wiretapped President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, who’s been infamously involved in the Stormy Daniels scandal, in the weeks before the feds raided Cohen’s office and home.  SEE ALSO: Trump tweetstorm about Michael Cohen ‘flipping’ overlooks one key detail One...CONTINUE READING

Trump tweetstorm about Michael Cohen ‘flipping’ overlooks one key detail

Donald Trump isn’t afraid to share his Thoughts, even if sometimes those Thoughts don’t exactly mean what he thinks they mean.  This was once again on display Saturday morning in a series of tweets regarding his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, and whether or not he would “flip” on the president. Cohen, as you may recall,...CONTINUE READING

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah well and truly dragged Sean Hannity

The day when President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was revealed to have Fox News host Sean Hannity as a client was always going to be a good day for late night talk show hosts. And they went for it. SEE ALSO: Michael Cohen’s secret client? Sean Hannity. Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, and Stephen...CONTINUE READING
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