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‘Minecraft Earth’ places a ‘Pokémon Cross’ spin for your favourite blocky development sport

It was only a matter of time, right? Minecraft is taking a step into the real world later in 2019, and it’s looking to examples like Pokémon Go for inspiration. We’ve seen Mojang’s global sensation flourish in virtual reality already, and now it’s taking aim on a new technological frontier: augmented reality. The new game...CONTINUE READING

Fb, Google, Twitter sign up for forces to combat on-line extremism

Some of the largest tech companies in the world have signed on to a new agreement to fight terrorism and violent extremism on their platforms, following the attack on a Christchurch mosque that was live streamed on Facebook.  Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all joined the Christchurch Call, an effort between world leaders and...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft teases complex speech tech, however it is not for everybody

Are you thinking about creating a speech bot-driven app for your business? Some of the guidelines around bot creation—as outlined at Microsoft Build by noted Swedish entrepreneur, podcaster, and Windows Platform Development MVP Jessica Engstrom—are common sense. For example, don’t build a voice bot just because it’s cool new technology, and make sure it fits...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft realizes password expiration is deficient safety

Thinking of a secure password is hard, so demanding a user change it every 60 days fills many with dread and leads to weaker security. Microsoft has realized this and decided to remove default password expiry as a security baseline feature in Windows 10. When organizations deploy Windows 10 to tens, hundreds, or even thousands...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft joins Amazon and Apple in $1 trillion membership

Microsoft is now part of an exclusive club: $1 trillion dollar companies.  On Thursday, the company‘s stock price opened at $130 per share, bringing its total market cap (the price of all of its shares combined) to over $1 trillion. It’s the third company to achieve this somewhat mind-bending milestone, following Apple, which hit the...CONTINUE READING

Get an additional three months of Xbox Reside Gold at no cost whilst you acquire a club at Very best Purchase

Gaming isn’t the cheapest hobby in the world — with such a vast library of games on the market and most of them starting at $60, adding on a paid live service to that already hefty price tag can seem like a bad idea. It is tempting, though, because who wouldn’t want to join the...CONTINUE READING

eight of the most productive laptops for trade in the United Kingdom: See why the MacBook Professional and Lenovo ThinkPad best our listing

While laptops are wonderful for watching movies and TV shows, sometimes you just need a dedicated machine for getting the job done with no distractions. A great laptop for business needs to be versatile for an assortment of daily tasks, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and web research.  SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops in the...CONTINUE READING

Microsoft confirms the disc-less Xbox One and a brand new ‘Final’ subscription choice

The rumors were true. Xbox is going disc-less. Microsoft has confirmed that the previously rumored Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a real thing. It’ll cost $250 — that’s $50 less than the model that comes with a disc drive — and will arrive bundled with three entire games: Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3,...CONTINUE READING
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