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This ‘blind’ robot can jump on your table and chase you in the dark even when its leg is broken

MIT researchers have built a “blind” robot that can navigate its surroundings without the help of camera vision or external environmental sensors. Its creators hope it is going to be useful in situations that are too dangerous for humans, such as power plant inspections or rescue missions. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Robot, Mit, Black...CONTINUE READING

This 90-pound ‘blind’ robot dog definitely won’t kill everything you hold dear

It’s dark out. It’s always dark these days. Something about ash from all the fires blocking out the sun? You can’t remember. It’s not like it matters. The MIT Cheetah 3 robot doesn’t need sun to hunt you down and dance on your soon-to-be lifeless corpse.  You recall when you first read about the “full-grown...CONTINUE READING
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This ‘skin’ could be the future of how we live in space

MIT researcher Carson Smuts is thinking about life in zero-gravity where the traditional rules of architecture do not apply. With the help of City Science and the Space Exploration Initiative, his project Spatial Flux looks into the future of architecture as the Earth gets more crowded and humans spend more time in space.  Read more…More...CONTINUE READING

Researchers at MIT are programming water droplets

Researchers at MIT’s Tangible Media Group found a way to program actual water droplets to create a “calm” computer interface that the user can physically interact with. The Programmable Droplets system was made possible using a technology called electrowetting-on-dielectric. Read more…More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Mit, User Interface, and Mit Media Lab Research Powered by...CONTINUE READING

These 8 books are required reading for anyone who wants to change the world with tech

“Changing the world,” the rallying cry of the technology industry, sounds like a concept bursting with optimism. But in reality, it’s complicated. SEE ALSO: Apple CEO embraces moral leadership of Silicon Valley Take Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation, built under the banner of “move fast and break things,” certainly changed the world. But the creation of...CONTINUE READING

Uber CEO slams MIT after study on ride-hailing minimum wages

$3.37.  That’s the meager median wage Uber and Lyft drivers make per hour, according to a paper published by MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research that surveyed over 1,000 drivers in the United States.  The study made headlines this week, revealing that the cost of insurance, fuel, and car maintenance all played a...CONTINUE READING
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