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Commitment is dead: MoviePass cancels unlimited plan, refunds annual subscribers

“It’s not you. It’s me… and my plummeting stock valuation.”  In a surprise to absolutely no one, MoviePass has yet another change in store for many of its users. As of today, annual subscribers are getting booted from their unlimited plans and downgraded to three movies per month. SEE ALSO: MoviePass is dying and the...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass’ owner lost a lot of money last quarter, and it’s also getting sued

MoviePass’ recent struggles are no secret, but things just got even worse.  The movie subscription service’s parent company Helios & Matheson Analytics Incfiled its quarterly earning report, revealing it ran up an operating loss of $126.6 million in the three months ending Jun. 30. SEE ALSO: You never forget your first…big screen crush at the...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass users cancelling their subscriptions find they can’t actually leave

Tried to cancel your MoviePass subscription? Some users of the movie ticket subscription service are finding they can’t actually leave. Former MoviePass users are venting their rage on Twitter, after finding their accounts have not been closed as requested, and have instead been reactivated under new plans. SEE ALSO: MoviePass changes again, adds a new...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass changes again, adds a new limitation to the service

For any remaining MoviePass subscribers out there: Enjoy the one-movie-a-day plan while you can. Starting on Aug. 15, MoviePass subscribers will be limited to three movies per month under the $9.95 per month plan. If that sounds familiar, it’s because such a plan already existed in the old, pre-implosion version of the service. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass is still standing and the company’s statement is wild

MoviePass isn’t dead, and the company wants you to know it. In an extremely defensive statement, MoviePass declared, “We’re still standing” and chided the theater industry for pre-empting its demise. “Exhibitors know that without MoviePass they will be able to continue to charge exorbitant prices for theater tickets and gouge customers with overpriced concessions,” the...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass’ rescue plan might do more harm than good

It seems like the beginning of the end for MoviePass, the company whose groundbreaking attempt to singlehandedly reinvogorate the movie exhibition business has all but gone down in flames. On Tuesday, MoviePass announced it would be increasing its monthly unlimited price to $14.95/month and also limiting access to many popular movies for their first two...CONTINUE READING

MoviePass is back, but some folks are over it. What other options are there?

MoviePass introduced us all to a new way of catching movies in theaters, and now the service’s almost-demise has changed the landscape once again. The MoviePass promise is a great idea on the face of things: For a single monthly price, subscribers get to indulge in regular trips to the theaters without bankrupting themselves. It’s...CONTINUE READING
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