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Apple TV+ promo showcases new sequence by means of Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, and extra

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Miley Cyrus celebrates ‘Hannah Montana’ anniversary with adorable throwback picture

It’s been 13 years since the first episode of Hannah Montana landed on the Disney Channel, and Miley Cyrus has marked the occasion with a sweet Twitter tribute. The 26-year-old pop icon shared a photograph of her younger self, with a caption noting the significant date for the beloved series.  SEE ALSO: Miley Cyrus tweets...CONTINUE READING

Highschool plays ‘Alien’ as a play and it seems to be impressive

If you need proof that kids these days are alright and amazing, simply cast your eyes on the students at New Jersey’s North Bergen High School who put on a stage play version of the classic sci-fi horror film Alien.  The play was complete with all the trappings of the film, including the infamous facehugger...CONTINUE READING

All (k, some) of your burning questions on Jordan Peele’s ‘Us,’ replied

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS follow for Jordan Peele’s Us.  So you’ve just seen Jordan Peele’s Us.  And now you’re left with a whole lot of questions and emotions to process. It’s not just youUs covers a whole lot of ground in two hours, and it’s made with such obvious care that it’s hard to resist the...CONTINUE READING

Amy Poehler could be completely up for a ‘Parks and Sport’ revival

We may now know the reason why a Parks and Recreation revival is yet to happen — and the issue doesn’t appear to be the willingness of certain cast members. The problem may be that the show’s co-creator Mike Schur is just too damn busy. SEE ALSO: We really need a new word for binge-watching...CONTINUE READING

Courtney Cox revisits her previous ‘Buddies’ condo in pleasant Instagram publish

It’s The One Where Monica Returned to Her Old Apartment. Friends star Courtney Cox posted a nostalgic throwback to the beloved ’90s sitcom, taking a stroll outside her character’s apartment in New York City. SEE ALSO: Courteney Cox posts an Instagram ‘pivot!’ call back to that classic ‘Friends’ scene While the interior scenes of the...CONTINUE READING

The operatic new ‘John Wick 3’ trailer highlights its flawless forged

John Wick is great at three things: avenging puppies, looking dope in a suit, and staying alive.  In the new trailer for John Wick 3: Parabellum, every assassin in the world is after the bounty on Wick’s head and just about everyone who attempts that is in for a very rude awakening. This trailer shows...CONTINUE READING

Mindy Kaling autobiographical youngster sequence coming to Netflix

Netflix is getting into the Mindy Kaling business. The streaming platform has ordered a 10-episode coming-of-age comedy based on her teenage life. SEE ALSO: ‘Late Night’ trailer starring Mindy Kaling previews your new fave movie Written and executive produced by Kaling, the show will focus on the complicated life of a first-generation Indian-American girl. The...CONTINUE READING
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