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‘Aquaman’ overtakes ‘Marvel Lady’ in international field place of work overall

Aquaman just slid past Wonder Woman’s international box office, earning over $822 million (Wonder Woman earned $821.8 million globally). This makes Aquaman the second-highest DC Extended Universe global box office, behind 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. SEE ALSO: Mixed reviews reveal critics can’t quite agree on ‘Aquaman’ Wonder Woman is still winning the...CONTINUE READING

19 films to move right through your New Yr’s Day hangover

Your stomach is an oil slick of Christmas cookies and tequila, and your skull feels like it’s filled with pulsing concrete. Looks like it’s 2019, baby! For many, the New Year’s Day hangover is as familiar a tradition as the Times Square ball drop—but with less Auld Lang Syne and more watered-down Gatorade. Luckily, Netflix...CONTINUE READING

How terrifying is ‘Chook Field’? Two scaredy-cats come to a decision to determine

Netflix‘s new horror movie Bird Box has taken the internet by storm, which is a little surprising considering horror is really not for everyone. It’s especially not for us, two scaredy-cats who do not like to watch horror movies for the simple fact that we don’t like to be scared.  But with so much fervor...CONTINUE READING

Motion pictures killed the Great Man in 2018. Just right riddance.

Spoilers follow for Love, Simon; Anna and the Apocalypse; and Ralph Breaks the Internet. “You really piss me off, you know? Because you know they shit all over everybody, including you. I can’t believe you’d be this stupid. He’s going to use your ass and throw you away! God, I would have died for you....CONTINUE READING

10 motion pictures we will be able to’t look forward to in 2019

2018 was a whirlwind, but we still got some epic movies out of the madness.  2019 promises the same, with pivotal sequels, live-action reboots, books adapted for the screen – and new, original movies that might just blow us away. Here are the top 10 movies we’re looking forward to in 2019. SEE ALSO: The...CONTINUE READING

A recreation from ‘Black Reflect: Bandersnatch’ is playable now

If Black Mirror: Bandersnatch wasn’t unsettling or meta enough for you, the show’s team snuck in another layer of gameplay: an actual Tuckersoft Games website. You can peruse the company’s history (which you’ll be familiar with if you watched Bandersnatch) and explore its game titles – all of which reference other Black Mirror episodes. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Netflix releases viewership numbers for ‘Hen Field’ and holy crap

Netflix is notoriously cagey about audience statistics, but even the most secretive among us can’t help bragging sometimes. Following the release of the sci-fi thriller Bird Box, the company claimed in a tweet that a staggering 45 million accounts watched the film over its debut week. SEE ALSO: Despite lukewarm reviews, people are enamored with...CONTINUE READING

Overview roundup: ‘Holmes and Watson’ is an entire failure

Remember when Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly collectively made the world double over with laughter in 2008’s Step Brothers? Well hold on to that feeling, because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen with Holmes & Watson. Starring Ferrell and Reilly as the titular Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Holmes & Watson attempts...CONTINUE READING

Gal Gadot finishes filming on ‘Marvel Lady’ sequel, posts heartwarming message

Shortly after news that Wonder Woman 1984’s release date has been pushed back, Gal Gadot has wrapped on the sequel. The star of the series announced on Instagram that she had finished up filming on Sunday, coupled with a few shots from the set. The film had been shooting since June. SEE ALSO: The best...CONTINUE READING

In spite of lukewarm critiques, individuals are enamored with ‘Chicken Field’

Spoiler alert: this post contains some spoilers for the movie Bird Box. Netflix‘s new horror movie Bird Box has been receiving some decent critical reception since its release on Friday, but despite some of its faults, viewers can’t stop talking about the movie. Specifically, people are enamored with the monster of Bird Box, if you...CONTINUE READING
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