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‘The Last Jedi’ has a secret ‘Game of Thrones’ connection

Star Wars: The Last Jedi offers one of the best nerd crossovers of 2017. The movie’s newest location of Canto Bight happens to be the exact same city as Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing: Dubrovnik, Croatia. SEE ALSO: ‘The Last Jedi’ review: Laughing and crying, Star Wars reaches full throttle In a video about the...CONTINUE READING

‘The Last Jedi’ gave us the perfect answer to the question of Rey’s parents

Spoiler alert: This post contains major spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As promised, Star Wars: The Last Jedi gives us a definitive answer to the question of who Rey’s parents are. And with apologies to every fan who’s spun an elaborate theory about why she’s definitely a Kenobi, or a Skywalker, or a...CONTINUE READING

People are asking Tommy Wiseau for life advice and his answers are actually awesome

Despite all the press surrounding The Disaster Artist, there’s still plenty of unanswered questions about Tommy Wiseau. Where did he get all the money to finance The Room? Where is he really from? How old is he? Is Tommy Wiseau even his real name? And so on and so forth. SEE ALSO: Should you watch...CONTINUE READING

Matt Damon attempts to speak about sexual harassment and shows he STILL doesn’t get it

Here’s a pro-tip if you’re trying to shut up and listen to women: Shut up.  Matt Damon, who has been speaking out following the avalanche of sexual assault and misconduct allegations in Hollywood, has stepped up to the mic for a third attempt at advocating for women in Hollywood, and once again falls flat. In...CONTINUE READING

If you’ve never seen ‘Star Wars’ before, you’re not alone

Believe it or not, a few Mashable employees have never seen Star Wars before. With all this talk about porgs and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we thought it’d be interesting to ask people what they thought Star Wars is about and if they could identify characters. Their responses were hilarious. Read more…More about Space,...CONTINUE READING

Actresses plan to wear black at Golden Globes to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood

The women of Hollywood aren’t about to let their industry forget its horrible history of sexual assault and harassment. Many actresses will protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood by wearing black to the Golden Globe Awards, People reports. Nominees and presenters are expected to participate, and the trend may pervade not just the Golden Globes but...CONTINUE READING

‘The Simpsons’ predicted Disney would take Fox over one day

Trust The Simpsons to have predicted one of the biggest entertainment acquisitions in media history 20 years ahead of its time.  The Fox sitcom foresaw the company being owned by Disney back in 1998. In the episode, Homer gets a personal assistant job in Hollywood and pitches his script at 20th Century Fox, “a division...CONTINUE READING

Mark Hamill: Not having Carrie Fisher around to see ‘The Last Jedi’ is ‘unspeakably tragic’

Carrie Fisher’s death will always sting for Star Wars fans, but The Last Jedi is the first film in the franchise to release into a world without her. Even a year after her passing, costar Mark Hamill and director Rian Johnson struggled to find the words to describe her performance as it connects to the...CONTINUE READING
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