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A brand new Firefox replace must have the browser running once more after a coarse weekend

After a difficult weekend in which browser extensions stopped working in Firefox, the popular browser is trying to get itself together so people don’t have to suffer during the work week. An update came early Monday morning that should theoretically fix the issue, which, according to the Firefox bug report site, was caused by an...CONTINUE READING

Tips on how to critically accelerate Chrome with a unmarried click on

Tab addicts, rejoice! If you’re a tab-loving Chrome power user, a simple extension can give you the power to speed up your computer instantaneously. The folks at BGR recently called our attention to the extension OneTab, and we had to spread the word.  Having multiple tabs open eats up RAM and CPU resources, two components...CONTINUE READING

Sayonara, fast fox. Mozilla is redesigning its logo.

Mozilla, the non-profit company best known for the Firefox browser and its progressive outlook on online privacy, is giving its fox logo a makeover. The company announced in a blog that it would seek user input on creating a new design system. Post authors Madhava Enros, Sr. Director, Firefox User Experience and Tim Murray, Creative...CONTINUE READING

Mozilla makes ‘tracking protection’ the default on Firefox for iOS

As the good citizens of the internet become more and more woke as to how little of our activity online is truly private, Mozilla Firefox wants to step up as the browser for privacy-oriented people. Mozilla announced in a blog post on Thursday that default “tracking protection” is rolling out in Firefox for iOS. That...CONTINUE READING

Mozilla creates Firefox extension to prevent Facebook from tracking you

Facebook tracks its users online, far beyond the app and other services. Given the latest data privacy scandal involving Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, Mozilla is letting internet users fight back.  SEE ALSO: Mozilla pulls ads from Facebook until Zuck makes good A new browser extension called the “Facebook Container” lets Firefox users isolate their...CONTINUE READING

Mozilla pulls ads from Facebook until Zuck makes good

Don’t call it a Facebook exodus. At least not yet. Mozilla announced Thursday it would “pause” advertising on Facebook. The Firefox nonprofit company is pulling a Ross from Friends thanks to Facebook‘s relationship with Cambridge Analytica, which exposed the data of 50 million Facebook users “without their knowledge or consent.”  SEE ALSO: Everything you need...CONTINUE READING