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The slug-like creature that Will Byers threw up in ‘Stranger Things’ could happen for real

We spoke with a doctor from Rice University who specializes in parasites about the chances of someone actually throwing up a slug-like monster in real life. Spoiler alert: it’s possible… and pretty gross.  Read more…More about Netflix, Mashable Video, Scary, Stranger Things, and Stranger admin html template by maxartkiller admin responsive html template mobile

R-U-N to this ‘Stranger Things’ hotel room

Whether you’ve yet to start or already finished Stranger Things 2, you’ve got some time to kill before the story continues. New York’s Gregory Hotel has just the thing: A Stranger Things-themed hotel room, just in time for Halloween. SEE ALSO: Your ‘Stranger Things 2’ binge watch will be better if you’re decked out with...CONTINUE READING

We just binge raced every episode of ‘Stranger Things 2’ all at once, and our brains melted

You know the anxiety. It’s that moment when you realize every episode of a highly anticipated streaming show just dropped.  And nowhere is safe until you’ve watched every single episode before everyone else. Jeffrey Vega, who dressed as Chief Hopper for Netflix’s midnight “binge race” event on premiere night of Stranger Things 2, said he...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what that creepy ‘Stranger Things 2’ ending means for Season 3

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains plot details for the Season 2 finale of Stranger Things, titled “The Gate.” If you’re dedicated to the art of binge-watching and have already burned your way through all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2, you might have some lingering questions. After a harrowing season that saw poor, unlucky Will...CONTINUE READING

The secret meaning behind the title of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 episode 5

Ahead of the release of Stranger Things Season 2, the titles of the first six episodes were revealed, giving the world an extremely vague tease of what’s to come. One of those episode titles is a reference to an arcade game from the ’80s, and now we know why. SEE ALSO: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2...CONTINUE READING

‘Stranger Things’ wants you to turn your Eggo box into creepy DIY costumes

The Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ has paired up with Eggo waffles for Season 2. As Halloween approaches, Eggo has some quick, ‘Stranger Things’-centric DIY costume ideas that repurpose those empty Eggo boxes.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Netflix, Halloween, Mashable Video, and Diy 8 Mobile html template by maxartkiller iphone 8 Mobile bootstrap 4 mobile...CONTINUE READING

Holy waffles, we have the best ‘Stranger Things’ costume right here

Stranger Things is back. And it’s almost Halloween. What more could you want in life? Image: Via GiphySeason 2 of the hit Netflix series was released on Friday, but the build up for the show’s return has been running strong for a couple months. We’ve seen a string of Stranger Things promotions, including Eleven-themed Waffles,...CONTINUE READING

Netflix is hiding the ultimate ‘Stranger Things’ Easter egg in plain sight

You’re probably too busy enjoying Netflix’s Stranger Things to pay attention to Netflix’s Stranger Things-themed homepage, but since this a show that rewards your attention, don’t ignore the animated teaser at the top of the streaming service’s main page.  Image: netflix.comNestled on the right side of your screen (unless the Netflix algorithm thinks you’re more...CONTINUE READING
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