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New York is freaking out over a pulsing ‘blue mild’ within the sky and no, it is not extraterrestrial beings

A pulsing bright blue light illuminating the sky across Queens, New York on Thursday night had everyone thinking one thing. But before you even start, it’s not aliens. SEE ALSO: How to spot internet alien panic from a light-year away Awestruck folks shared footage on Twitter of the strangely glimmering turquoise light, each equally as...CONTINUE READING

Fb units up vacation pop-up store in New York to tell customers about privateness considerations

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to countless other privacy issues, 2018 hasn’t been such a banner year for Facebook when it comes to its users’ private data. Facebook undoubtedly realizes this and would like to get back in its users’ good graces. So, on Thursday, in Manhattan’s Bryant Park, Facebook set up its own pop-up...CONTINUE READING

Critics are slamming Amazon’s HQ2 deal hard over tax incentives, a helipad, and more

Not everyone is happy with the deals Amazon made when it picked the multiple locations for its so-called second headquarters. Some residents and representatives of New York’s Long Island City and Virginia’s Arlington reacted to Tuesday’s announcement with concerns over how the offices will impact their communities and the various incentives (mostly financial) that Amazon...CONTINUE READING

How the work-life balance of one IT guy threw the NYC subway system into chaos

IT guys and gals get a bad rap for being grouchy cave people, but everyone knows that offices basically stop functioning without them. SEE ALSO: 23 NYC subway facts to entertain even the most jaded commuter That goes quadruple for one of the most notoriously dysfunctional mass transit systems in the world, the New York...CONTINUE READING

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s reaction to winning the Democratic Primary is too pure for this world

A political movement has started, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on her way to make history. On Tuesday night, the 28-year-old New York Democratic primary candidate knocked longtime Democratic Representative Joseph Crowley, who was being considered to take over as Speaker of the House, out of the running. After the results were announced, Spectrum News NY1...CONTINUE READING
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