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‘Diablo 3’ brings demons, devils, and dungeon-crawling to the Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, making it the first Blizzard game to hit a Nintendo console since StarCraft came to the Nintendo 64 in 2000. SEE ALSO: How ‘World of Warcraft’ became a life-consuming addiction for me After teasing some Diablo-related news earlier this month, Blizzard revealed that it’s bringing Diablo 3...CONTINUE READING

Build, play, and save with this Nintendo Switch and Labo bundle from Walmart

Nintendo isn’t afraid to experiment with its consoles. Whether it was the compact design of the GameCube or the motion controlled Wii, Nintendo seems to live and die on its ability to break from tradition.  The Nintendo Switch is just the latest example of that, crossing that bridge between home and mobile gaming. That also...CONTINUE READING

This $16 accessory helps solve the Nintendo Switch battery power issue

When Nintendo created the Switch, they managed to combine their knack for pure, childlike gaming bliss with some innovative technological achievements. So it’s no surprise that the system is their biggest hit in decades. But while the Switch has no shortage of cool features, there’s one thing it is short on: battery power. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

We need to talk about the sexist garbage in ‘Octopath Traveler’

This post includes spoilers for Octopath Traveler’s story, but who cares? It sucks. Octopath Traveler might be purposefully retro in its aesthetic and gameplay, but the game’s most backward quality of all is by far the blatant misogyny. The pixelated art style of this new beloved JRPG looks positively modern in comparison to how it...CONTINUE READING

Special edition of ‘Smash Ultimate’ comes with a GameCube controller

Some say the best way to play Smash is with a GameCube controller. Well, purists will be in luck when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out. SEE ALSO: RIP Luigi, murdered to death by a grim reaper with a huge scythe Nintendo of Europe announced that the special edition version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...CONTINUE READING

Castlevania characters and so much more revealed for ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Characters from the Castlevania franchise are finally coming to Super Smash Bros. Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont from Castlevania and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood have entered the fray of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo revealed in a Nintendo Direct stream Wednesday. Along with those new characters, Nintendo showed off a handful of new and classic...CONTINUE READING

Become a mother of dragons in the adorable new game from ‘Harvest Moon’ creator

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the dream of becoming a mother… to a pet dragon. And there is perhaps no game designer more equipped to turn my dreams of fantastical motherhood into a reality than the creator of the beloved Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada. After playing the first thirty minutes of...CONTINUE READING

Nintendo’s president drops some hints about the next 3DS

When Nintendo launched the Switch and sales were much better than anyone expected, it looked as though the 3DS ($185.50 at Amazon) was on life support. Surely sales would drop off quickly for the seven-year-old handheld now that a portable console was available, right? Well, they didn’t, and Nintendo is considering a new handheld to...CONTINUE READING
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