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Nokia’s U.S. comeback begins with two new price range Android telephones

Nokia’s finally ready to return to the smartphone race in the U.S. The phone brand, once an independent global powerhouse, then sold to off to Microsoft, then revived under HMD Global in 2016, has announced it’ll sell two new Android phones on Verizon and Cricket Wireless, respectively. While the new Nokias don’t stack up (not...CONTINUE READING

The most efficient UK offers for Friday: iPhones, Samsung mobiles, Huawei mobiles, and extra

This might shock you, but there are people out there right now who are persisting with an old mobile phone that’s physically falling apart, struggling to perform simple functions, and barely holding it’s charge for more than a couple of hours. Actually, maybe this sounds like you. That’s awkward. We know how it goes. One...CONTINUE READING

Nokia nine and its 5 rear cameras seem in new video leak

It appears that Nokia really is making a phone with five rear cameras.  The Nokia 9 PureView, as it’s allegedly called, got leaked twice on Monday: as a promotional video, courtesy of MySmartPrice, and as a still (possibly from the same video), posted by reliable leaker of all things mobile, @evleaks.  Nokia 9 PureView “Beholder.”...CONTINUE READING

Leaked image shows new Nokia phone with a whopping 5 rear cameras

How many camera lenses on a smartphone are too many? We might get closer to the answer soon. A freshly leaked image, first published by Chinese outlet ITHome on Thursday, shows a Nokia-branded phone with five rear camera lenses.  SEE ALSO: Nokia’s Rumored Android and Other News You Need to Know You’d be forgiven if...CONTINUE READING

Get the unlocked Nokia 2 smartphone on sale for $20 off thanks to Amazon Prime Day

If you find yourself in need of a new phone, you don’t have to spend $800 on a new Galaxy or iPhone for something reliable. Nokia have plenty of options available on Amazon if you want to buy a smartphone without needing to mortgage your house first. And thanks to Prime Day, you can save...CONTINUE READING

Celebrate the Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin summit with this beautiful gold engraved Nokia phone

Oh, glorious day. Our Planet Earth’s two most supreme leaders, the honorable Vladimir Putin and “strong like ox” Donald J. Trump, will meet in Helsinki on July 16, 2018. It’s a day sure to go down in history, and now, YOU can celebrate it with gold Nokia phone engraved with noble profiles of world leaders,...CONTINUE READING

Nokia 6.1 looks very fancy for its price

Nokia 6.1, the latest mid-ranger from HMD Global, arrives in the U.S. on May 6.  While it’s just another Android with decent-but-not-overly-impressive-specs, Nokia 6.1 does stand out with its low price of $269 and a fancy, copper-accented design that makes it look pricier than it is.  SEE ALSO: If you’re tired of oversized smartphones, try...CONTINUE READING

Nokia’s revived Matrix phone could’ve been so much cooler

HMD Global’s Nokia 8110 4G — a fresh take on the legendary phone best known for its appearance in The Matrix movie — disappointed some fans because it didn’t feature the spring-release mechanism on its front cover, as seen in the movie.  The criticism is somewhat misguided, though, since the original Nokia 8110 was a...CONTINUE READING

The ‘Matrix phone’ is back and it’s awful…

Nokia surprised people at Mobile World Congress with the release of their 8110 4G phone. The phone is a revamp of the old Nokia 3310, more commonly known as the ‘Matrix phone’ or the ‘banana phone.’ The ‘Matrix phone’ has a 2.4-inch display and a 2-megapixel camera, but the coolest thing might be an upgraded...CONTINUE READING
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