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Historic snowstorm slams East Coast, as winter stages hostile takeover of spring

The fourth nor’easter in just three weeks is pummeling the East Coast, bringing heavy snow and sleet to the most populated part of the U.S., from Washington, D.C. northeastward to Boston on Wednesday.  The storm formed overnight on Tuesday as a strong low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere approached the East Coast...CONTINUE READING

So much for spring: Another historic storm is coming to paralyze the East Coast

The fourth nor’easter in just three weeks is taking shape across the Mid-Atlantic states.  The storm is expected to become the biggest late-March snowstorm on record from Washington, D.C. to New York City.  The fact that the storm is hitting on the first full day of spring is twisting the metaphorical knives in the backs...CONTINUE READING

Another nor’easter is on its way and you’ve got to be f*cking kidding

The fourth coastal storm in three weeks to hammer the Eastern Seaboard appears likely to form early next week, potentially delivering yet another crippling snowstorm to millions from the Mid-Atlantic to New England. Unlike the previous storms, this one is going to form further to the south, putting the Washington, D.C. area, along with coastal...CONTINUE READING

Third nor’easter in 3 weeks to slam New England: What’s going on here?

Residents of Southern New England are used to snowstorms, including the classic blizzards that can stalk this region like a hunter tracks prey. Such storms, known as nor’easters for the direction that the wind comes from, can shut down areas from New York City to Portland, Maine, and bring damaging coastal flooding, feet of snow,...CONTINUE READING

Photos reveal nor’easter’s beauty, destruction, and slop along the East Coast

The second powerful nor’easter in less than a week lived up to expectations, and then some, from the Philadelphia area northward into New York and Boston. A slow-moving, narrow band of heavy snow parked itself over northern New Jersey for much of the day on Wednesday, dumping snow at 2 to 4 inches per hour. ...CONTINUE READING

Does ordering delivery during a snowstorm make me a trash human?

*Stretches widely* *Inhales deeply and peacefully* Aaahhh! A snowstorm! Time to bundle up with all your blankets. Time to sip hot chocolate while staring wistfully at the accumulating snow. Time to ask yourself the age old question: “If I order delivery during this storm, does that make me a trash-ass human?” SEE ALSO: This comedian’s...CONTINUE READING

People have a lot of opinions about this nor’easter’s ‘unofficial’ name

As the latest, greatest nor’easter ramps up along the Mid-Atlantic coast, more and more people are choosing to stay home until the snowfall stops. Which means they have lots of time to spend online. SEE ALSO: What is bombogenesis? On Twitter, the joke du jour seems to be about the storm’s unofficial name, Quinn, which...CONTINUE READING

Hang onto your butts as another nor’easter cripples travel, triggers thundersnow

A major developing storm is taking shape along the Mid-Atlantic coast, and it’s proving to be quite the illusionist. Residents of New York City woke up to a mixture of light rain and snow, and questioned whether the storm forecast was a “bust.”  But computer model guidance has been consistent in showing extremely heavy snowfall...CONTINUE READING

Another major nor’easter takes aim at U.S. just days after the last one

UPDATE: March 5, 2018, 3:05 p.m. EST Monday afternoon computer model runs have put areas from Philadelphia to New York City in the zone of heavy snow, with up to a foot expected wherever rain does not mix in. The National Weather Service forecast office in Boston is predicting up to 18 inches of snow...CONTINUE READING

What is bombogenesis?

There are plenty of terms meteorologists use to describe storm systems. From “atmospheric river” to “jet streak,” meteorologists love to label weather phenomena in colorful and sometimes goofy ways. (Here’s looking at you, “vorticity lobe.”) But perhaps the most exotic-sounding and useful weather term floating around these days is “bombogenesis.”  SEE ALSO: Upcoming nor’easter could...CONTINUE READING
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