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Non-public knowledge of just about 1,000 North Korean defectors hacked

For North Korean defectors, this is a nightmare come to life. Hackers stole the personal information of 997 North Korean defectors living in South Korea, the South Korean government reported Friday.  The identity of the hackers is still unknown. But experts are reportedly worried for the safety and security of defectors and their families, according...CONTINUE READING

Slack is banning customers who’ve visited U.S.-sanctioned international locations whilst the use of its app

If you’ve ever visited Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, or the Crimea region, you should probably check if you’re Slack account is still active. Early Thursday morning, Slack users began reporting the real-time messaging app had sent a message notifying them that they had been banned from the service. The reasoning given to these banned...CONTINUE READING

Watch Trump exchange an awkward salute with a North Korean general

Another day, another embarrassing Donald Trump moment that the internet‘s buzzing about. On Thursday, footage of President Trump awkwardly saluting a North Korean general surfaced online, and it’s just something you have to see for yourself. SEE ALSO: Watch Kim Jong-un’s stunned reaction to Trump’s fat joke ABC News captured footage of the moment, which...CONTINUE READING

10 moments from Trump’s summit so bad that your soul will turn to dust

During a meeting with one of the most violent and dangerous dictatorial powers in the world, President Trump cracked a fat joke.  And that was just the beginning. Today’s Trump-Kim Jong-un summit was marked by dozens of moments equally as shameful as this one. The American President cozied up to the North Korean dictator, minimizing...CONTINUE READING

Watch Kim Jong-un’s stunned reaction to Trump’s fat joke

Most people wouldn’t use an international nuclear weapons summit to try out their latest comedy material. Most people aren’t President Trump. At lunchtime during Trump’s Singapore summit Tuesday, the president joked to photographers that they should make him and Kim Jong-un look “handsome and thin.” SEE ALSO: 5 ways parents can talk to kids about...CONTINUE READING

Dennis Rodman cries over Trump-Kim summit while hawking PotCoin. This is 2018.

It was a historic moment many didn’t expect to see: President Donald Trump shaking hands with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. And soon after, another stunner was broadcast live on TV: Dennis Rodman crying over the Trump-Kim summit while wearing a red MAGA hat and a shirt promoting his sponsor, the cryptocurrency PotCoin. “Today is...CONTINUE READING

Whoops, a Fox News host referred to Trump as a dictator

Okay, it was probably an honest mistake, but it’s still pretty funny to hear a Fox News host inadvertently refer to President Donald Trump as a dictator just ahead of his his historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  SEE ALSO: Macron straight-up turned Trump’s skin white with intense G7 handshake The slip up came...CONTINUE READING

Watch Trump straight up lie about reading the letter from Kim Jong-un

Trump’s doing that thing again. A North Korean delegation visited the White House on Friday to hand deliver a letter to President Trump. During a press appearance, Trump said it was a “very nice” and “very interesting” letter.    SEE ALSO: We’ve become normalized to Trump’s tweets. Not this one. “Oh, would you like to...CONTINUE READING

If Trump’s tweets have this much influence over foreign policy, we’re all screwed

Diplomacy isn’t easy … especially if your boss is Donald Trump.  Speaking at Stanford on Wednesday, according to Vanity Fair, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shared this fun insight into White House foreign policy: Uhhh … what? So the secretary of state just looks at print-outs of Trump’s incoherent tweets and tries to turn them...CONTINUE READING
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