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This nostalgic subreddit recreates the satisfied web of 2009

If you’re nostalgic for the Reddit of ten years ago, we have good news: you can now relive it.  The new subreddit r/Stuck10YearsBehind imagines what the platform was like a decade ago. Unsurprisingly, it’s a warm, nostalgic place that reminds me of the days when the internet was fun. SEE ALSO: This plating account for...CONTINUE READING

A rebooted Razr with a foldable smartphone display is coming in February, record says

Hellooo, 2004 is calling, and it is STOKED! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lenovo and Verizon are soon to reboot the iconic aughts Razr flip phone, with a 2019 twist — or should we say…. fold!!! SEE ALSO: This flexible smartphone unfolds to become a 7.8-inch tablet The report claims that Lenovo Group,...CONTINUE READING

Lizzo’s newest unmarried is a great lovely homage to ’80s workout movies

Some music videos are just made to be transformed into GIFs. Take Lizzo’s latest single, “Juice,” a raw neon throwback to the greatest exercise videos of the ’80s (Jane Fonda, anyone?). It’s been over three years since Lizzo released an LP. Thank you, Lizzo, for kicking off 2019 in the most fluorescent way possible. Read...CONTINUE READING

The best gifts for people who want a time machine back to the early aughts

Life has been hell for quite some time in the year of our lord, 2018. It wasn’t perfect before, either. But remember in the early aughts when our dumbass president choking on a pretzel was like major nation-wide news for several month?  Lol. Cute. Almost a gift of a gaffe, in light of our current...CONTINUE READING

37 snacks that will take you back to the ’90s

Despite our parents’ best attempts to make us eat vegetables, most kids in the ’90s would’ve preferred to feast on junk food. And let’s face it, ’90s snacks were especially delectable. For your daily serving of nostalgia, take a look back at our favorite foods and snacks from childhood. Surprisingly, some of these ’90s foods...CONTINUE READING
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