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This “horror” was spotted off the coast of the Carolinas

Researchers from NOAA took a deep sea dive off the coast of the Carolinas and discovered some “unidentified” creatures. The team also caught a glimpse of the rarely-seen deepsea lizardfish. The creepy fish can grow to be more than 2 feet long and has some razor sharp teeth on him.  Read more…More about Science, Mashable...CONTINUE READING

These creepy sharks glow bright green in the dark. Here’s why.

The largest disco on Earth is happening deep beneath the surface of the ocean, and no, you’re not invited.  New footage from National Geographic researcher David Gruber and his team reveals a shark glowing bright green 120 feet deep in Scripps Canyon off the coast of Southern California. To those of us who are used...CONTINUE READING

That beluga whale certainly doesn’t have legs. Here’s what it does have.

Beluga whales aren’t hiding legs under their thick, rubbery skin. But a popular image of a surfacing beluga has for years created the curious illusion of a whale with legs and knees.  The image, which excites the web from time to time, has recently turned up again. These symmetrical, bone-like features surely aren’t legs, but...CONTINUE READING

Eavesdrop on whales with this deep-sea live audio stream on YouTube

Ever wanted to eavesdrop on a humpback whale?  Scientists from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have, and are using deep-sea live streaming audio to do just that. SEE ALSO: Long-lived bowhead whales found singing over 180 different songs Launched Wednesday, you can listen in on the sounds of the deep through MBARI’s continuous YouTube stream...CONTINUE READING

Having a crabby day? Here, have a hug from this little guy

Spider crabs usually keep to themselves, but one underwater scuttler was more curious than most. Filmed by Melbourne marine photographer PT Hirschfield, who uploads to YouTube under the moniker Pink Tank Scuba, a new video shows a cast of spider crabs casually making their way across the sea bed in Port Phillip, Australia. One curious...CONTINUE READING

A deep dive into the Antarctic Ocean reveals stunning views of wildlife

A strange alien world lies beneath the Antarctic Ocean. In the deepest dive ever conducted in this region, the filmmakers of ‘Blue Planet II’ uncover the abundant wildlife hidden in the depths of #OurBluePlanet. This video is a part of Our Blue Planet, a joint venture between Alucia Productions and BBC Earth to get people...CONTINUE READING
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