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Excessive local weather trade suffocated just about all ocean lifestyles 250 million years in the past

The Great Dying was as nasty as it sounds.  Some 250 million years ago, around 95 percent of ocean species vanished during the planet’s largest-known extinction event, also called the Great Permian Extinction.  The culprit is suspected to be extreme climate change, as epic volcanism filled the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, which gradually heated both...CONTINUE READING

The oceans, the true keepers of climate change, may meet our grimmest estimates

Earth, our ocean-dominated world, stores away a vast majority of the planet’s accumulating heat in the seas.  In fact, over 90 percent of the planet’s rising warmth — specifically trapped by human-created greenhouse gas emissions — is absorbed by the deep, salty waters. For the last half-century, scientists have worked to put a more precise...CONTINUE READING
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