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This crash course on UX/UI design can help you build beautiful websites and apps

So you have a million-dollar app idea? That’s awesome! Oh, did you say you have kickass programming skills to turn it into a reality, too? Amazing! Now, all there is left to do is to design your app to look aesthetically pleasing and make it so easy to use that a five-year-old would have no...CONTINUE READING

Learn C programming online with these courses that are on sale

Everyone says they want to learn how to code, but only a few decide to take the plunge and explore the world of programming. But the fact that you, dear reader, clicked on this post affirms that you’re willing to get down and dirty with coding, and for that, we want to give you a...CONTINUE READING

Master Linux with this online course series that’s on sale for $39

When it comes to operating systems, Mac OS or Windows immediately come to mind. So it’s understandable that aspiring programmers flock to those two because of their immense popularity and widespread use. However, there is another OS that is criminally underrated and always seems to be overlooked — Linux. SEE ALSO: Master Google Analytics with...CONTINUE READING

Take a film directing course online for less than $20 and learn how to make your own movies

The director is the most important person working on a film set. They define the style and structure for the movie and act as the ultimate decider for everything, including casting, camera angles, blocking, lighting, script editing — the works. But even if the studio has managed to bag an award-winning screenwriter like Aaron Sorkin,...CONTINUE READING

Take an online class in finance for less than $10

Some creatives spend years honing their artistic talents in order to avoid careers in business, finance, and other traditionally left-brained disciplines. But this avoidance of all things math can put them at a disadvantage. SEE ALSO: Most highly paid programmers know Python. You can learn it via an online course for just $44. The truth...CONTINUE READING

Most highly paid programmers know Python. You can learn it via an online course for just $44.

Contrary to what Silicon Valley portrays, you’ll need more than drive and intelligence to land a high-paying job in the tech world. You’ll need to be well versed in one of the most popular and fastest growing programming languages: Python. SEE ALSO: Walmart’s new text service bypasses app, website to order stuff online Python made...CONTINUE READING

Your guide to becoming a DevOps engineer starts with these six online courses

The DevOps approach has helped businesses all over the world speed up their development processes, deploy more frequently, and ensure a high standard of quality with every release. In other words? Be more successful. In fact, businesses that hire for DevOps skills can often see a boost in deployment frequency and fewer failures. Despite this...CONTINUE READING

You Exec is like a CEO starter kit and career coach in one

Some might call it a mid-career crisis. Some may say they’ve “hit a wall.” No matter how you phrase it, almost everyone knows the feeling of being stuck in a job, working as hard as possible but with no clear route to the next level.  While You Exec Plus can’t make your bad boss magically...CONTINUE READING

Learn Tableau for $19 and turn dull data into game-changing insights

Big Data may be the business buzzword du jour, but modern companies need to know that data isn’t a magical Band-Aid for every problem. To turn impassive, objective numbers into useful, actionable insights, you need to see the data in context. You need to tell its story. You need data visualization.  Using industry-standard visualization tools...CONTINUE READING

Learn to code with Unreal Engine 4 by taking this online course that’s on sale for $19

What do games like Gears of War, Mass Effect, and XCOM have in common? Besides their shared objective of blowing aliens to bits with great big laser guns, they are all built with the Unreal Engine 4. In fact, many of the gaming industry’s biggest hit-makers rely on this 3D design software to develop their...CONTINUE READING
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