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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange charged beneath the Espionage Act

The U.S. government is going after Julian AssangeAgain.  The Wikileaks founder and current resident of a London jail cell was charged Thursday under the 102-year-old Espionage Act, with 18 separate counts carrying a possible 170 prison sentence if he’s found guilty. So reports the Washington Post, which notes that federal prosecutors accuse the publisher of...CONTINUE READING

How Uber and different virtual platforms may just trick us the use of behavioral science – except we act rapid

Uber’s business model is incredibly simple: It’s a platform that facilitates exchanges between people. And Uber’s been incredibly successful at it, almost eliminating the transaction costs of doing business in everything from shuttling people around town to delivering food. This is one of the reasons Uber will soon be among the most valuable companies in...CONTINUE READING

Chase financial institution attempted to be relatable on Twitter and were given completely dunked on

Brands, may we remind you for the umpteenth time, that if you’re trying to get #relatable on Twitter, you’re opening yourself up to being completely and utterly owned.  People have a lot of strong feelings about when and where brands can interject their own witty repartee in online discourse. No matter how seemingly wholesome (woke...CONTINUE READING

Concentrate to 40 robot-dog legs marching in unison, and know the sound of loss of life

When death finally comes for us, will it announce its presence with a roar? Or, perhaps, with nothing at all — letting the permanent silence that follows our eventual destruction speak for itself? Boston Dynamics, a company whose main export appears to be unsettling videos of its robotic creations, has offered up one possible answer....CONTINUE READING