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Bitcoin Cash evangelist accused of joyriding stolen armored vehicle in Virginia

Of course it was Bitcoin Cash.  The man accused of stealing a military armored vehicle in Virginia on Tuesday and joyriding it 60 miles before being arrested is passionate about more than just living his life a quarter-mile at a time. A quick glance at his Twitter account also shows him to be a Bitcoin...CONTINUE READING

Monster headphones grasps at relevancy with planned $300 million ICO

If at first you don’t succeed, maybe try launching a $300 million initial coin offering.  That appears to be the thinking of headphone manufacturer Monster Products, Inc., which last week filed a statement with the SEC laying out its plans to sell “Monster Money Tokens” in what could charitably be described as a last grasp...CONTINUE READING

6 royal weddings from history that blow Harry and Meghan’s out of the water

Sure, Harry and Meghan’s wedding looks fun, but when you compare it to what came before it’s basically just tea and biscuits in a rec-centre. SEE ALSO: The acting roles of Meghan Markle before her royal engagement History is littered with royal weddings full of violence, opulence, drunkenness and the occasional naked dude. Here for...CONTINUE READING

This ‘blockchain-based state’ is the disaster love child of Ayn Rand’s ghost and pain

There are a lot of sketchy ideas and publicity stunts pushed at the annual Consensus blockchain conference in New York City, but hot damn this “blockchain-based state” has truly managed to set the bar.  It’s called Decenturion, and, if its representatives at Consensus are to be believed, it’s a decentralized society backed by real people...CONTINUE READING

Patton Oswalt talked about his late wife Michelle McNamara’s work on the Golden State Killer

It’s been a strange time for comedian Patton Oswalt, as his late wife Michelle McNamara’s newly published true crime book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is very much in the spotlight after the arrest of a man suspected to be the Golden State Killer. SEE ALSO: Patton Oswalt pens beautiful tribute to his late...CONTINUE READING

15 pieces of unconventional parenting advice from Arrested Development’s unforgettable mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with it the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the incredible moms who nurtured us, raised us, and shaped us.  (Really, you should say thank you to your mother every day, but especially on Mother’s Day.) SEE ALSO: 21 Mother’s Day gifts for the tech-savvy mom But the beautiful...CONTINUE READING
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