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Discover ways to take higher pictures with those on-line categories — some as little as $10

Ever since Instagram stormed onto the scene, people have been all about doing it for the ‘gram. And if you really took the time to compare the overall quality of photos from several years ago compared to now, you’d find there’s been a discernible uptick. Not just because people are slapping a filter on their...CONTINUE READING

Golfing balls minimize in part are your new forbidden snack

Maybe it’s our primal monkey brains, but we humans sure do love watching things get smooshed, stretched, squashed, and cut in half.  After all, that’s how why we have an entire corner of the internet exclusively dedicated to things like hydraulic press videos and water jets slicing through everyday objects. We’re just suckers for anything...CONTINUE READING

Nokia’s new Android telephone has now not 2, now not 3, however five rear cameras

In the past, HMD-owned Nokia leaned heavily on nostalgia to drum up interest for revamped versions of classic dumbphones like the 3310 and 8110 4G “bananaphone.” But not this year. At Mobile World Congress 2019, Nokia unveiled the Nokia 9 PureView, a legitimate flagship Android smartphone with five rear cameras (you read that right) that...CONTINUE READING

The Fujifilm Instax Mini nine digital camera is $30 off at Highest Purchase

Having a fancy camera phone is hella convenient and amazing, but there’s something so cool about instant pictures. They’re genuine depictions of a captured moment because you only have one chance to get the shot. Technically you could retake a photo if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, but let’s be honest, film is not...CONTINUE READING

Fujifilm Instax Mini nine speedy cameras on sale at Walmart

Yeah, Instagram is very convenient, but there’s nothing like snapping a quick fun photo with a dedicated camera — especially a camera that’s as exciting and fun as the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. This little analog shooter might actually make you forget about your smartphone for a while. Shop the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 on sale...CONTINUE READING

This $50 charging case means that you can take professional-quality footage with an iPhone

Smartphone cameras are mind-bogglingly advanced nowadays, so unless you’re a professional photographer who regularly books editorial shoots, that DSLR you bought in 2009 is probably collecting dust somewhere. Heck, even if you *are* a legit photographer who regularly books editorial shoots, you *still* might opt to shoot a subject with a modern smartphone instead of...CONTINUE READING

Learn how to shoot photos like a pro with this $29 online master class

From that idyllic first snowfall to awkward family portraits to trays of delicately frosted gingerbread men, few seasons are more photogenic than the holidays. Why, then, are you still relying on your smartphone‘s undependable camera to capture precious festive moments you’ll want to remember for years to come? Close your Instagram app for a hot...CONTINUE READING

Google’s Night Sight shooting mode for the Pixel 3 is mind-blowing

Holy moly, has Google just changed the smartphone camera game with the release of the Night Sight mode for its Pixel 3 and 3 XL phones. Announced at its October Pixel 3 launch event, Google boasted Night Sight as a significant leap forward for taking night photos — useful for exposing colors and details lost...CONTINUE READING

Flickr is cutting down storage to 1,000 photos for free users

Flickr found new ownership under Smugmug earlier this year, and inevitably, that comes with changes. The image hosting service has made a big one: Free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos from Jan. 8, 2019, a significant cut from the terabyte of storage that was previously offered to users. SEE ALSO: Apple’s new MacBook...CONTINUE READING
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