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Facebook AI is now capable of ‘opening’ eyes in photos where they’re closed

Facebook wants to open your eyes in photos where they’re closed — and now it can. A pair of Facebook engineers have come up with an artificial intelligence tool that fixes people’s closed eyes in photos, a research paper published this week by the social media company revealed. The 10-page paper likened the method to...CONTINUE READING

YouTuber asks the internet *not* to Photoshop his pleasant honeymoon photo

Back in April, YouTuber Jack Douglass (of jacksfilms) kindly asked the internet not to Photoshop his wedding photos. Of course, he knew what would happen, and it did: the internet Photoshopped his wedding photos. Now, Douglass is back for round two. On Tuesday, he tweeted a lovely photo of his wife, Erin, from their honeymoon....CONTINUE READING

Become a Photoshop pro from your couch with this online course that’s on sale

Spend a little time playing around with Photoshop, and you’ll quickly understand that you have very little idea of what you’re doing. What separates the casual users from the highly paid designers? A bit of talent and a whole lot of practice. SEE ALSO: This $34 Excel training course could help you land that next...CONTINUE READING

Man kindly asks the internet not to Photoshop his wedding pictures

YouTuber Jacksfilms has one simple request of his followers: Please don’t Photoshop his wedding pictures.  This past weekend, Jack and wife Erin tied the knot. On April 24, he posted one of their wedding pictures with the very explicit instruction to not Photoshop the image and to not tag it with a certain hashtag. Which,...CONTINUE READING

Please enjoy this collection of Photoshopped birds without wings

Seeing birds fly is totally normal. But seeing birds flying with no wings? Amazing. It all started when Twitter user @elvyish posted two Photoshopped photos of birds flying without any wings, and it led to a most glorious Twitter thread. SEE ALSO: High school golfer attacked by goose documented in unbelievable photos hehehe birds with...CONTINUE READING

Justin Bieber shares Instagram of his face Photoshopped onto Beyoncé because it’s a strange world

It’s 2018, and if celebrities want to share photos of themselves Photoshopped onto other celebrities, you’d better believe they’re going to do it. SEE ALSO: Adorable mom live texts Beyoncé’s entire Coachella performance Justin Bieber is a recent case in point. On Wednesday night, he casually shared a screengrab of another Instagram post that showed...CONTINUE READING

Police sketch of a burglary suspect goes horribly wrong

The Warwickshire Police in the United Kingdom are looking for a truly terrifying suspect.  According to the composite render they released, the criminal in question wears a black beanie and sports stubble. Oh, and he has a inhumanly large, Cheshire cat-like grin.  SEE ALSO: Khloé Kardashian looks A LOT like Elvis Presley We’ve issued an...CONTINUE READING

This is the most important thing to have happened to Meryl Streep (Oscars included)

Instagram account Taste of Streep highlights Meryl Streep’s best role to date: being photoshopped into pictures of food. The artist behind the account creates hilariously absurd, but tastefully composed, portraits of the one of the greatest actresses of our time. Read more…More about Food, Mashable Video, Oscars, Photoshop, and Cookies Powered by WPeMatico
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