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There is now a spot for shaming firms that use egregious packaging

Excessive packaging is a massive contributor to global waste — and if governments won’t call manufacturers on it, we’re going to have to resort to nerds on Reddit. Sigh. Recently launched subreddit r/EgregiousPackaging captures some of the most excessive offenders in the biz. Contributors share photos of the packages they’ve received, often drowning in paper...CONTINUE READING

This bike path paves the way for future roads made from recycled plastic — Genius Moments

In the Netherlands, three companies partnered up to collect your recycled plastic and turn it into bike pathsPlasticRoad is a Lego-like road system that consists of modular, prefabricated sections. The plastic road has a hollow space inside it and can host cables, pipelines, but also rainwater so that the street does not become flooded in...CONTINUE READING

This plastic fishing company is making office furniture out of plastic waste

Plastic Whale is a professional plastic fishing company that offers boat trips during which tourists — while sightseeing — will pick up plastic from Amsterdam’s canals. The plastic bottles that are being collected get turned into office furniture, in collaboration with Vepa. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Amsterdam, Fishing, Plastic Waste, and Plastic Powered by...CONTINUE READING

Scientists made an awesome error that could save our planet from plastic hell

A team of researchers from Britain’s University of Portsmouth and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory made an enzyme that can eat up plastic bottles. They were playing around with a known enzyme made by a bacteria that can break down plastic, and just so happened to make the enzyme even better....CONTINUE READING

McDonald’s is ditching plastic straws in Australia too

Australians, you’ll be sipping your thickshake through a paper straw at McDonald’s pretty soon — plastic straws are out. One week after Starbucks announced it would phase out plastic straws by 2020, McDonald’s has unveiled similar plans to phase them out in Australia by the same year. SEE ALSO: 4 things we learned about plastic...CONTINUE READING

Michelle Wolf perfectly roasts Australia’s ‘bag rage’

Some Australian customers are losing their damn minds after finding single-use plastic bags banned from many major supermarkets. One even became violent, a perpetrator of “bag rage.” Oh, Michelle Wolf noticed. The Break host took a moment during her  monologue this week to skewer part of the country’s attitude toward the plastic bag ban rolling...CONTINUE READING

People can’t stop talking about this ‘brilliant’ National Geographic cover

National Geographic has its fair share of affecting, enduring covers, like 1985’s “Afghan Girl,” arguably the publication’s most famous image. For its June 2018 cover and part of its “Planet or Plastic?” initiative, the magazine published a cover that’s been widely shared on the internet and described as “dire” and “brilliant.” SEE ALSO: Arctic sea...CONTINUE READING
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