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Pokémon has always been there, hitting us right in the nostalgics — Games to Play Before You Die

In this episode of Games to Play Before You Die, panel members Jordan Minor, Alice Newcome-Beill, and Kellen Beck discuss how Pokémon became a cultural phenomenon years ago that continues today, and how Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow are truly games you should play before you die. Games to Play Before You Die is also...CONTINUE READING

Evil genius dubs Alex Jones’ voice into ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer

You probably thought you lived in a world where InfoWars would never cross over with Pokemon. Think again. On Tuesday YouTuber Dolan Dark posted a clip from the recent trailer with some classic Alex Jones sound bites dropped in for Pikachu’s voice — in place of handsome Canadian Ryan Reynolds (via Gizmodo). It is somehow...CONTINUE READING

Mix ‘Detective Pikachu’ with ‘A Star Is Born’ and you get some delightfully weird memes

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this brilliant meme crossover. In a trailer released Monday, we got a sneak peek at Pokeémon: Detective Pikachu, the bizarre live-action attempt to bring the beloved game characters to life. Twitter latched on to one scene from the trailer in which an irate Jigglypuff performs in a grungy music...CONTINUE READING

This 1 detail from the ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer is enraging Pokémon fans

Who would have thought a trailer for a new Pokémon movie could be so divisive? On Monday, the first trailer for a Ryan Reynolds-voiced Detective Pikachu movie dropped. At the time of writing the trailer has almost 12,000,000 views and over 475,000 likes on YouTube. SEE ALSO: ‘Pokémon Go’ now has a bunch of new...CONTINUE READING

Extremely cute ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer shows off live-action Pokémon

Live-action Pokémon have been revealed to the world in the first Detective Pikachu trailer and everything looks a lot… furrier than I imagined. The first trailer for Detective Pikachu dropped on Monday, teasing the mystery movie that’s based off the video game of the same name.  It stars Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, whose father...CONTINUE READING

Nintendo announces final two characters of ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Nintendo has confirmed the two final fighters of Super Smash Bros.Ultimate, an announcement that squashes recent rumors of a possible five character addition. Ken of the Street Fighter games and Icineroar of Pokémon will “fight fire with fire” in the new release. These selections aren’t particularly surprising—they were expected before the whole Grinch debacle—but they...CONTINUE READING

There’s a Pokémon movie coming to theaters for only four days

Pokémon: The Power of Us — a sequel to 2017’s Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! — is making a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in U.S. theaters right around Thanksgiving. Here’s a new trailer to get you in the mood. The movie will screen Nov. 24, Nov. 26, Nov. 28, and Dec. 1 in a limited number...CONTINUE READING

Nintendo has launched some exciting new hardware bundles for pre-order

Every year there are a host of new titles that enter the gaming sphere, with differing levels of success. Some newbies establish themselves amongst the crowd whereas others disappear to never be seen again. Some titles have held their own for years, even decades now, developing a cult-like following.  Nintendo, another name synonymous with gaming,...CONTINUE READING

Walmart has the the new ‘Fortnite,’ ‘Smash Bros.,’ and ‘Pokémon’ Nintendo Switches up for pre-order

If you have FOMO from missing the National Video Games Day sales, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Walmart just unlocked three new models of the Nintendo Switch for pre-order, and we are freaking out. If you don’t have your paws on a Switch yet and Fortnite, Super Smash Bros., or Pokémon are...CONTINUE READING
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