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‘Truth isn’t truth’: Giuliani coins perfect phrase for the internet nightmare that is 2018

Another day, another Trump aide gaslighting the American public. The latest: Rudy Giuliani’s declaration Sunday that “truth isn’t truth,” which is mind-numbingly WTF and yet somehow perfect for our post-“fake news” era. SEE ALSO: Rudy Giuliani’s puzzling unfinished tweet brings out the best in Snark Twitter Speaking to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press,...CONTINUE READING

Eric Trump tweets that he hates ‘disloyal people’ and is swiftly reminded of his own family

Is there anyone among us who truly LOVES disloyal people? Not Eric Trump, that’s for sure! We know this because on Thursday night — following a week of betrayal from former family friend and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman — the son of President Trump tweeted, “I truly hate disloyal people.”  I truly hate...CONTINUE READING

Newspapers banded together to defend the press and Lil’ Trump threw a tantrum

President Trump is having A Day™️. On Thursday, more than 100 newspapers from across the country joined together to condemn the president’s aggressive attacks on the media.  Instead of ignoring the editorials or responding to them constructively, President Trump did what he does best: plunged himself into chaos. SEE ALSO: The 10 most unhinged parts...CONTINUE READING

Kellyanne Conway’s getting mocked for trying to diss her husband off the record

There are some things Kellyanne Conway just can’t spin her way out of. See: her most recent profile in The Washington Post. The paper interviewed Conway, chief counselor to President Donald Trump, as well her husband George Conway, a former Trump supporter turned Trump antagonist on Twitter.  Kellyanne being Kellyanne, she complained about her husband’s...CONTINUE READING

No, Mike Pence’s website has not been hacked. Please take a deep breath.

Proving time is a flat circle both on the internet and under the Trump administration, a Mike Pence parody website that’s more than a year old has resurfaced again, and it’s fooled some folks. SEE ALSO: After Kennedy’s retirement, are we entering ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ territory? Web surfers visiting the website www.officialmikepence.com are treated to the...CONTINUE READING

Alex Jones’ flagship pirate radio station shut down by FCC

A pirate radio station which served as Alex Jones’ flagship outlet has been shut down by the Federal Communications Commission. Liberty Radio was broadcasting on 90.1 FM without federal consent, according to The Austin American-Statesman reported that with the FCC accusing the station had done so since 2013. SEE ALSO: #DeactiDay: The growing Twitter movement...CONTINUE READING

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for Don Jr. is apparently ‘Junior Mint’

Haven’t Junior Mints suffered enough? Next to Raisinets, they’ve always been the least popular candy at the movie theater. And now Page Six reports that former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle’s pet name for her boo Donald Trump Jr. is, allegedly, “Junior Mint.” I’m sorry, my sweet minty candy. You don’t deserve this. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Stephen King has strong words following Trump’s tweet about Omarosa

You only have to take a quick glance at Stephen King’s Twitter feed to know that he’s no fan of Donald Trump. But a recent tweet from the President — in which he referred to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman as a “crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog” — has angered the horror master...CONTINUE READING

Twitter punishes Alex Jones—but he’s still not banned

Twitter has taken action against Alex Jones. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed Jones’ personal account has limited functions after he posted a tweet that violated its rules. The company, however, stopped short of suspending the account. SEE ALSO: Alex Jones is so eager to stay on Twitter he’s attempting to follow its rules “We aren’t suspending...CONTINUE READING

The 10 most unhinged parts of Omarosa’s ‘Unhinged’

We’re well into the second season of Trump: The Presidency, and Omarosa — who was supposed to have left after season one — keeps worming her way back into every episode. This week brings us Omarosa’s book Unhinged, a “juicy” tell-all about her brief tenure in the White House and her relationship with President Trump....CONTINUE READING
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