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Pornhub responds to Starbucks porn ban with a clever new SFW idea

Don’t worry, adult video aficionados. Even though Starbucks will soon begin filtering porn for customers using the chain’s in-store WiFi network, Pornhub has a workaround so you can still get your kicks while you sip your grande mocha. Sure, the desire to watch pornography in such a public venue is a bit unnerving, but who...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub traffic in Washington DC skyrocketed on election night

Good job everyone: Americans took a break from looking at porn long enough to watch the midterm erection election results roll in.  According to Pornhub’s ever-insightful analytics, traffic in the United States was up as much as 20 percent on Tuesday morning.  The report theorizes that Americans jerked off early before hitting the polls, or...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub’s site traffic surged after YouTube went down

In one of those strange twists of fate, online adult video site Pornhub saw a surge in traffic during Tuesday night’s YouTube outage, perhaps answering the riddle of what America watches when they can’t access old wrestling videos or Beyoncé clips.  According to data released by Pornhub, the site saw a wave of additional traffic...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub now accepts a cryptocurrency you’ve never heard of

PornHub now accepts an open source blockchain-based payment solution called PumaPay. Developed by Cyprus-based blockchain company Decentralized Vision, PumaPay offers a “PullPayment protocol,” which it says allows for transactions that have never been possible on the blockchain until now. That includes recurring payments and pay-per-use transactions. “PumaPay’s technological solution, the PullPayment protocol, reverses the mechanics...CONTINUE READING

Bigfoot porn searches spike after Republican candidate is accused of enjoying Bigfoot erotica

Few things are bigger than Bigfoot’s, um … appeal right now.  After Virginian Republican congressional candidate Denver Riggleman was accused of being a lover of Bigfoot erotica by his Democratic opponent Leslie Cockburn, searches for actual Bigfoot porn have skyrocketed. Pornhub reports that the number of searches containing the word “Bigfoot” rose by a gargantuan...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub is introducing closed captioning for their porn

Pornhub, the ever popular purveyor of adult videos, has announced it’s adding closed captioning to some of the site’s extensive library. An effort to improve the experience of users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Corey Price, Pornhub’s VP, said in a press release, “Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we continue to service...CONTINUE READING

Apparently Pornhub users are really into searching for yoga pants and sneakers

Move over panties, yoga pants are the next big thing in porn fashion. This fascinating bit of info comes from the folks at Pornhub, who joined forces with fashion platform SSENSE to look deep into the relationship between fashion and sex. SEE ALSO: Pornhub announces Pornhub Nation, a new, uh, ‘interactive art’ exhibit First, Pornhub...CONTINUE READING

Pornhub announces Pornhub Nation, a new, uh, ‘interactive art’ exhibit

If you ever wanted to know what the future would look like according to Pornhub, get to Los Angeles this July as the adult video website launches a new “interactive art installation” called “Pornhub Nation.” SEE ALSO: Pornhub launches new VPN service called VPNhub The entire installation will take up 3,000 square feet and will,...CONTINUE READING
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