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James Corden pranking David Beckham with a faux statue is brutally awkward

Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. But not always. Every now and then, it’s the most elaborate jokes — ones that include hidden cameras, fake statues and a whole host of actors, for instance — that really hit home. Enter James Corden. After hearing that David Beckham hadn’t seen the finalised version of...CONTINUE READING

Jimmy Kimmel had oldsters make their children spaghetti and snowballs and the effects are wonderful

When freezing temperatures caused by a polar vortex force you to stay inside, you might as well try and have some fun. When the American Midwest experienced some seriously cold weather in early 2019, Jimmy Kimmel had an idea to turn all the snow into a fun prank on innocent kids. Kimmel requested that parents...CONTINUE READING

Man who posts billboards will get pranked with a billboard of his personal face

This guy really had to *face* himself at work.  Let’s say you post billboards for a living, and your friends regularly prank you by getting you to put up a massive billboard of yourself. This is a true story: Redditor u/Jaydeem89 posted his friend’s reaction to r/funny and r/discgolf. Apparently the friend’s boss is an...CONTINUE READING

Pranking people with a pretend bug never fails to make them scream their heads off

Nothing makes you freeze faster or jump more awkwardly than finding out something with six legs (or more!) is crawling on you.  Just watch these people on Jimmy Kimmel Live who think they are being interviewed seriously about bird scooters, only to be interrupted by the interviewer telling them there is a huge bug on...CONTINUE READING

Teen masterfully pranks live TV report on illegal marijuana grow

Local news reporters are pros at dealing with the unexpected while on duty. And, as displayed in this clip, sometimes they’re too good. KMTV journalist Cameron Tucker was reporting on an illegal cannabis grow in a quiet neighborhood in Kent, UK, when a brilliant teen decided to brilliant troll the live news report. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Senior class pulls off a truly awesome senior prank

When the local police congratulate the entire class on their senior prank, you know they pulled off something great.  The Cumberland High School class of 2018 in Wisconsin received props from the local police on Facebook on Monday after successfully pulling off an original and labor-intensive senior prank. SEE ALSO: Boyfriend pranks girlfriend for April...CONTINUE READING
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