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Denver airport leans into conspiracy theories with elaborate gargoyle prank

The Denver International Airport is elaborately trolling travelers once again — this time with an animated gargoyle statue. Over the years, the airport, which many people know of because of all the wild conspiracy theories surrounding it, has done a truly impressive job of embracing the chaos.  For its latest prank, the airport installed a talking...CONTINUE READING

Christina Aguilera serenades unsuspecting donut shoppers

You’re keen for a donut. You rock up to the shop. Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In a Bottle” is playing through the speakers. But wait, are those lyrics about… you? For a new segment dubbed “Undercover Sing,” the pop monarch herself teamed up with late show host Jimmy Kimmel. The task? Serenade unsuspecting customers at a...CONTINUE READING

This daughter’s prank involving Brussels sprouts will make you’re keen on pranks once more

Christmas pranks are notoriously, unabashedly corny. Every once in a while, however, a Christmas prank comes along that’s so good it makes you forget that nearly all pranks are bad. I’m a particular fan of Twitter user Judy Brown’s Christmas prank, which involves two of the most disgusting foods on earth: Ferrero Rocher chocolates (sorry)...CONTINUE READING

Fed-up moms respond to ‘Can I cook a turkey in the microwave?’

The “How do you microwave a turkey?” prank is breaking our mothers’ hearts. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, young people are pranking their poor mothers by asking them for advice on one of the greatest sins against the holiday season: microwaved turkey. SEE ALSO: 7 videos of people setting their Thanksgiving turkeys on fire...CONTINUE READING

Peter Dinklage played a classic dark prank on the ‘Game of Thrones’ set

Game of Thrones, what with its constant violence, intense politics, and casual dragons, doesn’t seem like it’d be a set abundant with hilarity and horsing around. But three-time Emmy-winner Peter Dinklage says he played both prankster and victim on set, telling Jimmy Kimmel he had quite the dark (and pretty classic) trick to play. “I...CONTINUE READING

New Slack add-on will surely ruin your coworkers’ day

Slack is a powerful tool, and with great power comes the great responsibility…to screw with your coworkers.  A new Slack add-on from programmer Will Leinweber does just that, in pretty much the most diabolical way possible. Essentially, whenever anyone else starts typing it shows them a message that you, too, happen to be typing. And...CONTINUE READING
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