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‘Dancing Hermione’ casually stupefies everyone at Pride

The brightest (and fiercest) witch of her age is back. Performer Kelsey Ellison reprised her viral “dancing Hermione” outfit for a magic moment during Saturday’s Pride event in London. The YouTube personality and self-proclaimed Harry Potter enthusiast gained fame when she appeared at MCM London’s ComicCon, stupefying all with a casually fierce dance while dressed...CONTINUE READING

A man helped his friend clear out her attic and ended up discovering a trove of LGBTQ history

It’s not every day that you stumble upon an important piece of history during a bit of spring cleaning.  But, that’s precisely what happened to Gavin McGregor when his friend came across a trove of artefacts from the 1980s in her south London loft, which he later found were LGBTQ activism materials from a pivotal...CONTINUE READING

‘The Tonight Show’ has some nifty ideas for ‘Straight Pride Parade’ floats

Pride month is here, but with it inevitably comes complaints from certain straight people on why there’s no parade for them. Fortunately, the folks at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon are talking about something the MSM refuses to cover: ideas for “Straight Pride Parade” floats. Correspondents Julio Torres and Patti Harrison have got suggestions...CONTINUE READING

Intel’s first ever indoor light show shines on Pride with 50 mini drones

It may not be the 1,200 drones that transformed into snowboarders and the Olympic rings for the Winter Games earlier this year, but 50 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones lit up a multi-level store building for a Pride celebration in San Francisco Friday night.  With electric cellist Tina Guo playing covers of Lady Gaga’s Born...CONTINUE READING

LGBTQ truckers talk embracing identity and finding community over thousands of miles

Long-haul truck drivers already face plenty of dangers on the road, but if you also happen to be a gay couple or a trans woman emerging from the cab at a gas station or rest stop, these can potentially expand to discrimination, violence, and hate. That’s why Shelle Lichti, a 25-year veteran of the trucking...CONTINUE READING

Giant rainbow crossing returns to Sydney after its controversial removal

Sydney’s beloved rainbow crossing was both a symbol of LGBTQ pride and a popular tourist attraction before the State Government controversially covered it up without warning. Now, the rainbow is being permanently reinstated. SEE ALSO: 13 songs that should be your next Pride anthem Sydney’s getting a new rainbow crossing, to be installed five years...CONTINUE READING

Los Angeles Pride event gets too crowded, ticket-holders turned away

The 48th annual L.A. Pride Festival in West Hollywood, California hit a new milestone on Saturday, selling out for the first time in the event’s history. The event wasn’t without pains, though, as it was so crowded that some ticket-holders were among those who were turned away.  According to local news reports, over 100,000 people...CONTINUE READING
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