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Apple calmly tells Congress iPhones aren’t spying on users

There’s more evidence debunking the conspiracy theory that your iPhone is secretly listening to you. On Tuesday, Apple responded to the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s requests for information on the data Apple products collect on customers. The letter mostly focused on location sharing as well as the inflammatory question of whether iPhones are listening...CONTINUE READING

Facebook has locked down its platform. Why that’s bad news for researchers.

File this under “lose-lose” for Facebook. A group of high-profile researchers and journalists sent a formal request to social media giant to amend its Terms of Service in order to enable studies of Facebook that promote the public good. But either way Facebook responds could put the company in a tight spot. The Knight First...CONTINUE READING

Facebook’s staunchest privacy advocates are disappearing

As Facebook continues to struggle with its image post-Cambridge Analytica, another one of the company’s most public privacy advocates has left the company.  Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos formalized his departure Wednesday, when he announced that he had accepted a teaching position at Stanford and will leave Facebook later this month. SEE ALSO: John Oliver...CONTINUE READING

Facebook’s top security exec urges company to collect less user data

Facebook’s outgoing top security executive has urged others at the company to do some soul searching about practices that have led to a number of privacy and security scandals. Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos, who is set to depart the company next month, sent a wide-ranging note to Facebook staffers in March, when his upcoming...CONTINUE READING

Ride-hailing app drivers can livestream your ride — and it’s often legal

It’d be one thing for your Uber or Lyft driver to record your trips in their car — but it’s another thing entirely when your driver posts that footage online. If you don’t think that’s happening, you probably haven’t heard the recent story of Jason Gargac, a St. Louis-area Uber and Lyft driver who was...CONTINUE READING

Facebook suspends yet another analytics company

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Facebook allows a third-party analytics company access to user data, conducts poor oversight of said company, and then is caught flat-footed when asked about the situation by a journalist.  Yeah, it’s happened again. And no, you’re not crazy for getting that Cambridge Analytica déjà vu. Facebook was...CONTINUE READING

This robotic vacuum’s camera could let hackers spy on you

Be careful: Hackers might be watching through your vacuum.  Well, they could if you own the Diqee Camera Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is made and sold in China. It touts features like an HD 360-degree camera, night vision, and anti-collision sound wave technology.   While that’s helpful for keeping your house clean, cybersecurity firm Positive...CONTINUE READING

Apple iCloud data in China now stored by state-owned company

A state-owned telecommunications company in China now stores the iCloud data for Apple’s China-based users. This is really bad news for dissidents and critics of the government. In February, Apple caused an uproar when it announced it would be moving Chinese users’ iCloud accounts — and their encryption keys — to a China-based server company...CONTINUE READING

Researcher discovers Venmo exposes ‘an alarming amount’ of personal data in public API

Next time you make a payment on Venmo, beware: almost anyone can track it. The popular mobile payments app is sharing users’ personal data — including real names, comments sent with the payment, transaction dates, and recipients of the transaction — with the public by default. This information is being exposed through company’s public API,...CONTINUE READING
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