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The Face ID ruling is a huge win for virtual rights. Here is what must occur subsequent.

Now, if the cops try to force you to unlock your iPhone with your face, the law might actually be on your side.  Previously, other courts have ruled that the police could make suspects unlock their phones with Touch ID, even though legally they couldn’t force that same suspect to give up their passcode. Digital...CONTINUE READING
Category:Apple, Face, Law, Privacy, Tech

CES 2019 had not anything to mention in regards to the greatest dialog in tech

While CES sets the tech trends for the year, it rarely sets the tone. The giant-size tech carnival is a great place to see the latest TVs, smart home gadgets, and self-driving vehicle tech, but it’s also a bubble. Hype and excitement over mostly incremental upgrades is epidemic at the show, and it has very...CONTINUE READING

Face liberate can simply be defeated with a photograph on many well-liked telephones, learn about reveals

Face unlocking is nice, convenient and nearly ubiquitous these days, but is it safe? According to a study conducted by the Dutch Consumers Association (via The Register), on (too) many phones it can easily be defeated with a printed photo of the owner.  SEE ALSO: The era of the ‘hole punch’ smartphone has begun The...CONTINUE READING

Analysis: Some Android apps percentage your knowledge with Fb with out consent

A worrying number of popular Android apps share user data with Facebook without user consent, new research from Privacy International shows (via Financial Times).  Here’s the worst part: Staying off Facebook doesn’t protect you from this.   SEE ALSO: Veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg quits Facebook, because yeah Privacy International, a London-based charity that focuses...CONTINUE READING

Amazon despatched over 1,000 audio recordings of an Alexa person to the mistaken individual

How much data does Amazon have on you? One user emailed Amazon asking for all the personal data the company had stored on him. In return, this user received an email link from the ecommerce giant with more than one thousand Alexa recordings made by a completely different customer. According to the German publication c’t,...CONTINUE READING
Category:Alexa, Amazon, Data, Privacy, Tech

Fb’s unhealthy information from the ultimate 24 hours, ranked

It hasn’t been Facebook’s year. Or, years, really. But it really, really hasn’t been the company’s day. Over 24 hours starting Tuesday night, news organizations have dropped multiple reporting bombs on the social media company. The investigations at the very least call into question many of the statements CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made about privacy,...CONTINUE READING

For the primary time, Fb faces lawsuit from U.S. regulators over Cambridge Analytica

Finally, after waves of bad press, showy Congressional hearings, and hashtag campaigns, regulators in the U.S. are trying to punish Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  A lawsuit against the company was filed by Karl Racine, the attorney general for the District of Columbia, the Washington Post confirmed Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Facebook removes hundreds more...CONTINUE READING

Why each tremendous paranoid web consumer wishes an affordable Chromebook

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. Google‘s Pixelbook is my favorite Chromebook ever. It’s thin, light, really fast, and converts into a tablet. It’s the best Chromebook there is, in my opinion. But I secretly prefer a really cheap and crappier Chromebook, like the $150 Hisense...CONTINUE READING

Fb units up vacation pop-up store in New York to tell customers about privateness considerations

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to countless other privacy issues, 2018 hasn’t been such a banner year for Facebook when it comes to its users’ private data. Facebook undoubtedly realizes this and would like to get back in its users’ good graces. So, on Thursday, in Manhattan’s Bryant Park, Facebook set up its own pop-up...CONTINUE READING
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