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‘The least racist person you have ever interviewed’: President Trump responds to ‘sh*thole’ comment

President Trump is “not a racist.” At least that’s what he says. Following a veritable shitstorm of backlash after he referred to places including Haiti, El Salvador, and some African countries as “shithole countries,” Trump has declared that not only did he not say the derogatory comment, but that he isn’t racist. Wait, the “least...CONTINUE READING

Here’s what happens when you ask Donald Trump if he’s a racist

In the wake of President Trump’s comments about immigrants from “shithole” countries, reporters’ gloves have come off. SEE ALSO: Trump reportedly asked why the US accepts people from ‘sh*thole’ countries At what should have been a routine photo op in which Trump signed a proclamation to honor Martin Luther King Jr., day, reporters directly asked...CONTINUE READING

CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper don’t mince words: Trump’s comments were ‘racist’

Nobody should be surprised Donald Trump said something racist. Before election day, he said many undocumented Mexican immigrants were “rapists” and criminals, and his company was sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against black tenants — way back in 1973.  And yet, he continues to outdo himself. “Why are we having all these people...CONTINUE READING

There’s a must-watch documentary about Recy Taylor, the woman Oprah shouted out in Globes speech

Oprah dedicated her rallying acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to the fighters of justice that history tried to forget. Specifically, she expressed gratitude for “the women who have endured years of abuse and assault… whose names we’ll never know.”  But one particular name came up again and again: Recy Taylor. And her story, explored...CONTINUE READING

Oprah’s must-see speech at the Globes will make you cry — and inspire you to take action

There’s a reason why, throughout the Golden Globes, stars have been whispering her name like a  prayer: Oprah.  The queen’s acceptance speech for the esteemed Cecil B. DeMille award (essentially a lifetime achievement award) at the Golden Globes Sunday night was a rallying cry for the disenfranchised that managed to perfectly articulate the #MeToo moment. ...CONTINUE READING

Victoria’s Secret models slammed for allegedly singing the n-word backstage

Another Victoria’s Secret show, another controversy. Some Victoria’s Secret models have been slammed for allegedly uttering the n-word while singing along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” SEE ALSO: Brands have no idea how to deal with being caught in a political firestorm In a video posted by a Twitter account called Pop Crave on Tuesday,...CONTINUE READING
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Funny or Die and their famous friends want to ‘Reclaim Black Friday’ for something that matters

Black Friday is traditionally all about shopping, but what if it was about something that could actually make a difference in the world? (Not that buying a new TV or iPhone isn’t pretty life changing, obviously.) Funny or Die and The Collective PAC have launched a new fundraising campaign to “Reclaim Black Friday,” hoping to...CONTINUE READING

It’s 2017 but 2 white guys are opening a ramen restaurant called ‘Misohawni’

This is full on offensive, especially in light of what’s happening in Hollywood right now. Two white guys in South Africa have launched a ramen restaurant, calling it “Misohawni.” SEE ALSO: Portia de Rossi says Steven Seagal sexually harassed her during audition Located in Melville, a suburb in Johannesburg, the restaurant serves ramen, Korean BBQ,...CONTINUE READING

Politician calmly handles confrontation with far-right ‘racists’

Again, some people are unkind. Australian politician Sam Dastyari, who is of Iranian descent, was confronted by men at a Melbourne pub on Wednesday. The men claimed to be from a far-right group called Patriot Blue, and continually harassed Dastyari, all while captured on camera. SEE ALSO: Papa John’s politely asks racists to stop buying...CONTINUE READING
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