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Man who posts billboards will get pranked with a billboard of his personal face

This guy really had to *face* himself at work.  Let’s say you post billboards for a living, and your friends regularly prank you by getting you to put up a massive billboard of yourself. This is a true story: Redditor u/Jaydeem89 posted his friend’s reaction to r/funny and r/discgolf. Apparently the friend’s boss is an...CONTINUE READING

This turkey optical illusion will make your head spin

This Thanksgiving how-to might give you a headache. Redditor u/Dently stumbled across the mindblowing video uploaded in 2015 and posted it to r/videos.  SEE ALSO: An entire Thanksgiving dinner reimagined as ice cream “Found this freaky optical illusion while watching a cooking video,” they wrote. “Stare at the center of the brine until the scene...CONTINUE READING

7 Thanksgiving horror stories that will make you feel better about the holidays

Sure, reflecting on what you’re grateful for on Thanksgiving is fun and all, but the holiday can also be immensely stressful.  There’s so much that can go wrong during America’s gluttonous celebration — preparing a massive meal for multiple people is pretty much just asking for disaster.  SEE ALSO: 7 videos of people setting their...CONTINUE READING

A group of friends dressed up as a different Tom Hanks characters for Halloween

Group costumes are the very soul of Halloween. Group costumes are always awkward, though, because someone gets to be the cool main character while everyone else in the group has to dress up as the side characters who nobody remembers. But one gang of friends found a way around the group costume dilemma: they base...CONTINUE READING

Creepy anglerfish jack-o’-lantern takes pumpkin carving to a whole new level

Are you ready to get spooked?  A Redditor’s daughter wanted a carved pumpkin shaped like her favorite animal, so u/Zmannum2 created this incredible anglerfish.  SEE ALSO: These are the best Halloween thruples costumes The anglerfish doesn’t look like much in the daylight, but when the lights are off, its teeth and eyes eerily glow in...CONTINUE READING

This very accurate costume of The Rock’s turtleneck outfit adds one perfect detail

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s iconic ’90s turtleneck and fanny pack combo will forever remain an important moment in fashion.  After he uploaded the cursed image back in 2014, many people have attempted to replicate the look. However, one Redditor really went above and beyond the other impersonators by adding one small detail that many people...CONTINUE READING

‘The Office’ fans are going to love this brilliant Easter egg

The Office has been off the air since 2013, but to this day fans are still uncovering hilarious easter eggs hidden in the show. The latest discovery, recently shared to r/DunderMifflin, was found in “Garage Sale,” Episode 19 of Season 7 of the series. In the episode, the office and warehouse crew gather together to...CONTINUE READING

This losing lottery ticket is the most painful thing you’ll ever see

Some people are born lucky, others … not so much. Take for example this really sad case involving Redditor Cuddlem0nster. This unlucky soul posted a picture of their losing lotto ticket on r/funny, but the reason why they lost will make you really feel for them. SEE ALSO: The Mega Millions jackpot is a record-breaking...CONTINUE READING
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