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Shout-out to this Dunkin’ Donuts for replacing its broken drive-thru speaker with a baby monitor

Someone please give the person who thought of this a raise. Reddit user u/Limit760 posted a picture of his local Dunkin’ Donuts doing the absolute best it could in an unfortunate situation. As the post claims, a broken drive-thru speaker left the franchise with no other choice than to temporarily replace it with a baby...CONTINUE READING

Woman says her ex-boyfriend STOLE HER TOILET after she broke up with him

There are hundreds of break up horror stories online — tales of vindictive exes destroying property, spreading rumors, or even trying to ruin careers. But this story takes the cake.  Redditor u/shelblikadoo broke up with her (now ex) boyfriend, and when she woke up, her toilet was gone. “I split up with my boyfriend yesterday,”...CONTINUE READING

Remembering Advice Animals, one of the internet’s first viral memes

It’s Viral Market Crash week on Mashable. Join us as we take stock of the viral economy and investigate how the internet morphed from a fun free-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just can’t quit. Today’s internet is an endless buffet of memes. Bountiful GIFs, viral videos, and an innumerable amount of tweets are bestowed...CONTINUE READING

How Trump turned the ‘fun’ internet into a coping mechanism

I don’t need to tell you that being online is less fun than it used to be.  The internet has, of course, always sported a vicious underbelly, particularly for members of marginalized communities. Now, though, the whole thing has been boiled down into two halves: the dreadful, perpetually memed news cycle and our increasingly futile...CONTINUE READING

Stoners on Reddit are trying to mobilize a litter clean-up initiative

Stoners tend to have the stereotype of being lazy and lacking ambition in life. But one enthusiastic cannabis consumer trying to start a clean-up initiative is putting those outdated assumptions to shame. Redditor PRV_Psychonaut posted a call to action in the r/Trees subreddit on Monday, asking their fellow ents to join them in making an...CONTINUE READING

A mom in California came up a genius solution to save her valuables from the wildfires

As the wildfires in California continue to wreak havoc on their communities, one person found an ingenious way to preserve their valuables before evacuating from their home. Reddittor u/grap112ler shared a photo Friday of their family’s pool full of five separate sets of fine China. SEE ALSO: Space photos show fires tormenting bone-dry California They...CONTINUE READING

Here’s the only good use for ‘alexa play despacito’ in a Tinder message

Though women named Alexa the world over are likely over the Amazon Alexa jokes, one Tinder user  still managed to squeeze one in during a DM conversation. Reddit user u/weedlewarrior69 shared a conversation with a recent Tinder match named Alexa, in which they decided to take a shot at a classic Amazon joke—a fairly common...CONTINUE READING

Send this diving 102-year-old grandpa to the 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics needs this 102-year-old grandpa. Redditor ThaGza uploaded a video of his grandfather doing the absolute most on his 102nd birthday. The video shows grandpa living his best life out on a lake, making flawless dives, and swimming around like a pro. We hereby award this man a gold medal for excellence...CONTINUE READING
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