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Are you able for it? Taylor Swift’s ‘Popularity’ excursion is coming to Netflix

Look what we made her do!  Winding down another ridiculously successful year, Taylor Swift is bringing her big reputation to Netflix this December. For the lucky thousands who snagged tickets to see it in person, it’ll be a glittery walk down memory lane. But for those Swifties who didn’t catch the tour, it’ll finally mean...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift donated hundreds of concert tickets to a police department in mourning

Taylor Swift is trying to do her part to ease the grief of a Massachusetts town mourning a recently fallen police officer.  The Patriot Ledger reported that the pop star donated hundreds of complimentary tickets to Weymouth, Mass. for her Foxborough concert on Thursday, which is part of her Reputation Tour. Swift gave the tickets...CONTINUE READING

Class act Taylor Swift invited a bunch of foster kids to watch her dress rehearsal

Taylor Swift’s latest tour of mega-stadiums across the globe kicks off Tuesday in Phoenix, so she used her last warm-up as an opportunity to bring some fun and warmth to local foster kids.  According to Entertainment Weekly, Swift invited over 2,000 guests, foster kids and their foster parents, to attend Saturday’s final tour dress rehearsal...CONTINUE READING

Every single alcohol reference in Taylor Swift’s albums in 1 gorgeous graph

Anyone who’s ever listened to Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” will know that our gal has recently discovered partying.  Data-loving Redditer waitingforgoodoh decided to plot all the alcohol references in each and every one of Taylor Swift’s albums. And, the results are quite something. SEE ALSO: This one lyric from ‘Gorgeous’ is proof that the old Taylor...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift’s new music video has a secret message

“Look What You Made Me Do” may have kicked off Taylor Swift’s reputation era in headlines, mood setting and score settling, but it was Sunday night’s release of the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” that will ultimately be looked at as the definitive visual representation of this point in Swift’s career. It’s the celluloid...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift wrote a poem for Vogue and it’s all about betrayal and reinvention

Did you know that Taylor Swift reinvented herself? Lol, ‘course you did. But, Swift has gone and penned a poem about reinvention and “moving on” just to make doubly sure that everyone is aware of her metamorphosis.  SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift reinvents herself (again) for her first Vogue cover of the Reputation era Swift wrote...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift reinvents herself (again) for her first Vogue cover of the Reputation era

It’s been a while since Taylor Swift last appeared on the cover of a magazine. But, her first cover shoot of the Reputation era is here. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the British Vogue cover is all about reinvention.  In addition to a high fashion—and kinda emo—photo shoot, Swift has also written a poem for Vogue on the...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ finally comes to Apple Music and Spotify

It’s been three weeks since Taylor Swift’s reputation landed, and now it’s finally coming to streaming services. Swift’s outlandishly hyped sixth album will be rolled out across major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music on Friday, Dec. 1. SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift’s new album ‘reputation’ confirms she’s mad as hell (and in love) Swift...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift will never be the feminist of our dreams, but we can still listen

Every time a Taylor Swift album is released, critics ask the same exhausting question — will this be the album where Taylor Swift gets political? The answer is always the same: GirlNo. Swift’s politics, best described as ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, have been the cause of an unending febrile pop culture battle ever since the artist first emerged...CONTINUE READING

Taylor Swift seems to diss on Kanye West in ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ and Twitter’s loving it

Squad, Taylor Swift’s reputation has landed, and it was never going to be without a few swipes. The pop mogul’s highly anticipated sixth studio album has dropped, with one of the tracks generating a significant amount of buzz, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”  It’s (look, probably) a big swipe at Swift’s big...CONTINUE READING
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