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Lyft unearths sudden effects from its ’Ditch Your Automobile Problem’

For 30 days in October and November, 2,000 people across 35 North American cities vowed to get around without driving their own vehicle — with a little help from ride-hailing app Lyft. The Ditch Your Car Challenge offered personal driving alternatives, paid for by Lyft. More than 130,000 offered to participate in the challenge. In...CONTINUE READING

Russian ride-hailing app comes to America with set-your-own-price scheme

A record-breaking cold night in Siberia back in 2012 spurred the creation of a more reliable ride-hailing service that spread through Russia and now that company is making its way to the U.S. First stop: New York City. inDriver, a new Uber and Lyft ride-hailing app alternative arrives Tuesday, the same day as the New...CONTINUE READING

Uber’s rider loyalty program crushes Lyft’s with more rewards

In the wake of a similar announcement from its chief rival Lyft, Uber announced a rider rewards program Wednesday to give loyal users perks for spending money in the app. The program is almost exactly like the new Lyft Rewards program in that both track points you’ve accumulated in the app and give you rewards...CONTINUE READING

Uber launches program to reward high-performing drivers

Driving for Uber isn’t always the most rewarding experience. Strangers puke in your car. Riders tip poorly. You might not break even if you’re leasing a car. A recent driver survey from ride-sharing guide Ridester showed the average hourly wage is not even $15. So Uber has devised a reward program called Uber Pro to...CONTINUE READING

Uber officially launches $15 monthly subscription ride passes

Ordering a car ride is becoming more like Spotify Premium or Amazon Prime. You pay in advance for something extra — in this case, guaranteed cheaper rides, even if there’s heavy traffic or bad weather. Instead of paying per ride at whatever rate comes up, Uber is offering a monthly subscription service called Ride Pass...CONTINUE READING

Lyft’s all-access subscription plan is now available to everyone

For anyone committed to the car-free lifestyle or those who prefer to ride-share multiple times per month, Lyft has a monthly subscription pass for you. For $299, Lyft’s All-Access Plan gets you 30 rides every 30 days. Each ride can be up to $15 (you’ll pay the difference for a ride to, say, the airport)...CONTINUE READING

Uber will offer a ‘Get to the Polls’ button on Election Day

Uber can take you to the polls.  In the lead-up to the upcoming midterm elections, the ride-hailing app is helping passengers and drivers get registered to vote. Then they’re making sure registered voters have a way to get to the polls. SEE ALSO: West Virginia will use blockchain-backed smartphone voting in 2018 midterms On Nov....CONTINUE READING
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