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Ryan Reynolds’ birthday message to Betty White is as glorious as you would be expecting

On Thursday, actor/comedian Betty White celebrated her 97th birthday. White is nothing short of a legend in the industry, and as a result she had no shortage of messages from fans. SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on Twitter Ellen DeGeneres and Mindy Kaling were among the celebrities who...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds despatched the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ URL troll a kickass reward

Sometimes being an internet rascal pays off, especially when you’re appealing to a fellow rascal like Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Guy Inchair picked up the avengersendgame.com and avengersendgamemovie.com URLs on the day Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. Then, just after the first Endgame trailer arrived and revealed the movie’s full title, Guy made those URLs...CONTINUE READING

‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ trailer has a charity tie-in

What’s better than a Deadpool sequel? Two sequels, with different ratings, out in the same year! Once Upon A Deadpool will revisit Deadpool 2 “filtered through the prism of childlike innocence” – a.k.a. edited to fit a PG-13 rating. Once Upon A Deadpool frames the previously explicit movie as a bedtime story Deadpool reads to...CONTINUE READING

This 1 detail from the ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer is enraging Pokémon fans

Who would have thought a trailer for a new Pokémon movie could be so divisive? On Monday, the first trailer for a Ryan Reynolds-voiced Detective Pikachu movie dropped. At the time of writing the trailer has almost 12,000,000 views and over 475,000 likes on YouTube. SEE ALSO: ‘Pokémon Go’ now has a bunch of new...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds’ response to Hugh Jackman’s birthday message is everything you’d expect and more

When he’s not busy tweeting very creative descriptions of his Aviation Gin or trolling Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds occasionally enjoys getting into Twitter feuds. His last war of words was with none other than Paddington Bear, but now it seems he’s decided to pick on someone his own size. And in fairness, this time it...CONTINUE READING

Ryan Reynolds and Richard Branson fall out during gloriously awkward promo

If you’re going to make a promotional video together, it’s crucial to make sure everybody’s on the same page. Someone should have told Ryan Reynolds and Richard Branson that, at least. In the sketch above, filmed to announce a new partnership between Virgin Atlantic and Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin company, the pair can’t seem to...CONTINUE READING

The best Ryan Reynolds memes to ever grace our eyeballs

Ryan Reynolds has been anointed the “King of Twitter” time and time again. Thanks to his expert trolling abilities, and his acerbic and irreverent jabs and jokes he’s constantly winning us over.  But, Reynolds has also proved to be the perfect target. The actor, and his many film characters have been adapted to perfectly suite...CONTINUE READING

Blake Lively drops a glorious Ryan Reynolds bombshell during awkward guessing game

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what Ryan Reynolds says when he looks in the mirror each day, then wonder no more.  Blake Lively has the answer. Actually she has just one of several, equally ridiculous answers, most of which were put forward by the British public as part of BBC Radio One’s guessing game...CONTINUE READING
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