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The FTC simply got here down onerous on the ones irritating robocall operations

Robocalls have become an unfortunately common part of daily life in America. Everyone knows how it works: A phone number, often somewhat similar to your own, calls you and offers some kind of health insurance or student loan scam. It’s almost not even worth answering the phone for numbers you don’t recognize anymore. With any...CONTINUE READING

Google Chrome will warn you before you fall for a phone subscription scam

Found yourself subscribed to a shady ringtone service? Even though it’s 2018? Google Chrome will soon stop you from falling into that trap. In an upcoming version of Chrome, the browser will throw up a warning page when it suspects users could be unwittingly subscribed to a direct billing scam, leaving them with unexpected charges...CONTINUE READING

Even walking Bitconnect meme Carlos Matos is now calling bitcoin a scam

You know you’re in trouble when you’ve lost Carlos Matos. The walking meme made famous by his unbridled enthusiasm for Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency project strongly resembling a Ponzi scheme that shut down its lending and exchange platform in January, is now here to offer some measured words of caution. Namely, stay the hell away from...CONTINUE READING

Monumentally stupid tweet blows up in blockchain company’s face

The blockchain can’t solve for stupid.  That painful truth hit the internet-of-things blockchain project Waltonchain hard today, with one Twitter huge fuck up leading to the erasure of tens of millions of dollars in the market cap of its associated Walton Coin. And people are pissed.  Here’s what went down: On Feb. 8, the team...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s murky verification process is helping cryptocurrency scams thrive

Twitter verification, or the blue checkmark that appears next to an official account’s name, is seen by most people as a badge of credibility. It’s meant to distinguish real accounts from the fake ones. SEE ALSO: For the love of god stop sending ‘Elon Musk‘ your Ethereum. It’s a scam. But for scammers, the same...CONTINUE READING
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