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Stark space photos show UK transforming from green to brown after heat waves

The usual verdant grasses surrounding Buckingham Palace and much of the British Open’s 176-year-old Carnoustie golf course have yellowed since May.  A lack of rain combined with near-record heat through the first half of the summer created this situation, and satellites images from the United Kingdom’s Met Office illustrate the expansive reach of the isles’...CONTINUE READING

Stunning videos and photos show terrifying tornado outbreak in the Midwest

Central Iowa was the scene of a “sudden” tornado outbreak on Thursday, resulting in some breathtaking videos and photos capturing the terror of multiple funnels that spun through the state.  SEE ALSO: This super clear video of a nearly perfect tornado is stunning The town of Bondurant, just northeast of Des Moines, saw multiple funnels...CONTINUE READING

At 99 million years old, this baby snake fossil is the first of its kind to be discovered

Palaeontologists have found a tiny fossilized baby snake, the first of its kind to be discovered. The snake embryo, sitting within a chunk of amber from Myanmar, was preserved in the early Late Cretaceous period approximately 99 million years ago, according to research published in Science Advances on Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Giant, newly discovered dinosaur...CONTINUE READING

The collapse of Antarctica’s most vulnerable ice shelves would just be the start of our problems

There’s a reasonable chance that Antarctica’s two most vulnerable ice shelves — the ends of massive glaciers that float over the ocean — will succumb to Earth’s warming climate and eventually collapse into the sea.  These particular shelves, known as Larsen C and George VI, are perched on the Antarctic Peninsula — the finger that...CONTINUE READING

2018 is only halfway over, but a troubling climate change trend is already apparent

Earth is in the midst of a 40-year-long accelerated warming trend spurred on by human-caused climate change, and 2018 isn’t helping. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and Columbia University showed this week that the average surface temperature on Earth between January and June this year was the third hottest half-year on...CONTINUE READING

The return of supersonic planes could mean serious pollution problems

Supersonic travel died out in 2003, when the last 100-passenger Concorde jet settled down on a London runway. The costly planes were doomed by their speed: The jets created sonic booms when they broke the 767 mph sound barrier, sending thunderous rumbles to the land below. For this reason, supersonic planes have long been banned...CONTINUE READING

Teens who spend tons of time on the internet may develop ADHD symptoms

If we’re being honest, it’s damn near impossible to stay focused when the internet is at our fingertips. There’s always one more notification to read, one more deal to be had, one more like to chase. While some experts have suspected that this kind of instant feedback and gratification might negatively affect young minds, a...CONTINUE READING

Scientists discover 10 never-before-seen moons orbiting Jupiter, and one’s an oddball

Jupiter is a huge planet with a ridiculous number of moons.  And now, thanks to new research, that number just became even more ridiculous.  Scientists have discovered 10 never-before-seen moons of Jupiter in 2017 and confirmed two others that had already been seen, bringing the total number of known moons circling the gas giant planet...CONTINUE READING

Iceland gets away with killing dozens of huge, endangered whales. Here’s why.

Icelandic whalers have spent much of July ripping back the skin of 65-foot long endangered fin whales in preparation to butcher their meat.  Earlier this month, the commercial whaling company, Hvalur hf, may have also captured and skinned an endangered blue whale — the largest creature ever known to live on Earth — according to...CONTINUE READING
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