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NASAs Alternative Rover Challenge on Mars concluded after 15 years of exploration

Highlights: NASA Opportunity Rover Mission on Mars concludes. The rover has not responded since eight months after a major dust storm hit Mars.  Opportunity Rover outlived its stipulated 90-day mission to explore the red planet for 15 years.    The Mars mission of NASA‘s brave little Opportunity rover that first made its way to the...CONTINUE READING

NASA plans manned project to the moon, this time, to stick

Highlights: NASA plans to resume manned mission to the Moon. The plans involve having humans stay on the moon. NASA working with 9 American companies for the mission. Space Exploration has once again taken the forefront of the American dream, with Jim Bridenstine, the 13th Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Association, announcing that...CONTINUE READING

Milky Method and Andromeda galaxies are set to collide later than anticipated, finds new knowledge from Gaia project

Highlights: Milky Way and Andromeda to collide in 4.5 billion years, not 3.9. Gaia telescope had the largest focal plane CCDs ever launched into space. Findings come from the second data dump from the Gaia mission. More dumps are expected. For as far back as Earth’s history goes, man has always been fascinated by the...CONTINUE READING

NASAs Hubble Area Telescope observes storms on Neptune and Uranus

The Hubble Space Telescope has pointed its gaze at some of the furthest planets in our solar system , Neptune and Uranus and monitored the weather conditions over there. According to NASA, the telescope has uncovered a new “mysterious dark storm” on Neptune while providing a new look at the “long-lived” storm around Uranus’ north...CONTINUE READING

Google tricked low-paid employees into growing AI for debatable army drones: Document

Highlights: Google reportedly tricked online workers into developing AI for a controversial drone project. The drone project is undertaken by the Pentagon and is called Project Maven. The AI being built helps the system distinguish between objects on the ground.   It appears Google has been using its services to assist more than just its...CONTINUE READING

Martian rocks are extra porous than expected, uncover scientists

Highlights: Rock layers in Gale Crater are more porous than anticipated Scientists, including an ASU graduate student, discover this Martian rover Curiosity will soon ascend Mount Sharp   A team of researchers, including a graduate student from Arizona State University, has measured and studied the density of rock layers in the 154-kilometre-wide Gale Crater on...CONTINUE READING
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