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Alternative rover’s closing image is as grim as it’s darkish

A mighty dust storm swirled around the Opportunity rover on June 10, 2018, forcing the robot to shut itself off and conserve power. The dust blocked out nearly all the sunlight, turning day to night.  Opportunity would never awake. On Wednesday, NASA announced that they would no longer attempt to revive the 15-year-old machine, formally...CONTINUE READING

The Alternative rover is useless

The Opportunity rover is dead, at age 15.  After spending over 5,000 Martian days rumbling through the inhospitable red desert planet, NASA acknowledged on Wednesday that its sun-powered exploration rover hasn’t responded to over 600 attempts at contact since June 2018, and is presumed dead.  “I’m standing here with a sense of deep appreciation and...CONTINUE READING

Good-bye, Alternative: five occasions the mighty Mars rover overjoyed the galaxy

It’s a dark, sad day for space fans the world over. NASA is preparing to officially say goodbye to the Mars Opportunity rover, one of its greatest achievements, who’s watch has apparently come to an end.  In late January, Opportunity officially marked 15 years on the surface Mars, but it’s been over seven months since...CONTINUE READING

The Inexperienced New Deal: Historians weigh in at the immense scale required to drag it off

In an attempt to cure his paralysis, a 42-year-old Franklin D. Roosevelt began to visit Warm Springs, Georgia in the mid-1920s, soaking his weak legs in the town’s soothing mineral waters. It was here that Roosevelt — who in less than a decade would become President of the United States — would see a part...CONTINUE READING

Extraordinarily detailed video explains what number of aspects a banana truly has

It’s the question that’s kept us all up at night.  Well, maybe not. But like most explorations of scientific theory, the road to the answer is the best part. Based on a question a viewer lost during pub trivia night, British evolutionary biologist and science YouTuber Dr. Sally Le Page sets out to solve the...CONTINUE READING

That is most definitely the very actual and really grim explanation why polar bears have invaded a Russian island

Stories careening around the web over the past few days have sounded the alarm about an “invasion” of polar bears on an archipelago at the northern reaches of Russia. But for all the sensationalist headlines, there’s a likely explanation. The local Russian government declared state of emergency for the Novaya Zemlya territory on Saturday because...CONTINUE READING

7 girls inspiring Twitter at the Global Day of Girls and Ladies in Science

Scroll through Twitter, and you’ll see the trending hashtag #WomenInScience. February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science: a time to recognize the ladies making the world a better place through science and technology.  Their success stories should really be celebrated every day, especially because science remains a male-dominated field. Less than...CONTINUE READING
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