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This person’s 45-tweet rant about the imperial system is hilariously relatable

If you’ve ever found yourself somewhat confused by the logic of the imperial system — you know, pounds, ounces, all that good stuff — you’re not alone. Because unlike the more modern metric system, which is fairly logical when it comes to the way different measures and weights are broken down, the imperial system just...CONTINUE READING

Someone ordered a massive box of fried food and the internet had a lot to say about it

What will £10 ($12.84) get you in this day and age? If you live in Scotland and have a rather large appetite, it could get you this staggering amount of fried food plus a large bottle of Scottish soda Irn-Bru.  SEE ALSO: We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new ‘it’ food according to at least...CONTINUE READING

Chris Pine and his beard seek bloody revenge in ‘Outlaw King’ trailer

In all the fuss over Avengers: Infinity War, you may have wondered: How is Chris Pine doing? While the other Hollywood Chrises failed to beat Thanos, Pine was dusting off his chain mail to play Robert the Bruce, an exiled Scottish king seeking to reclaim his throne. SEE ALSO: Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny team...CONTINUE READING

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan square off in tense ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ trailer

Game of Thrones isn’t such a stretch when you see the trailer for Mary, Queen of Scots, based on the real relationship between Queen Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie) and her Scottish cousin Mary (Saoirse Ronan).  The rulers of England and Scotland come together, but their camaraderie quickly turns to tension, and eventually, to war. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg’s boring hearing would’ve been better in a Scottish accent

Sure, you might’ve been a little underwhelmed by the Mark Zuckerberg hearing. The dry answers and hours of inane questioning were a little too much for us, but you know how it could have been vastly improved? A Glaswegian accent.  SEE ALSO: A grown man face-planting onto a snowy trampoline in slow mo is what...CONTINUE READING

Bus narrowly dodges car on snowy road in nerve-shredding dashcam footage

If ever you need a reason not drive in snowy conditions unless it’s absolutely necessary, just remind yourself of the clip above. SEE ALSO: ‘Beast from the East’ to plunge UK, rest of Europe into historic deep freeze Titled “Stay in people Red snow alert!!” and presumably filmed in Scotland (where the Met Office recently...CONTINUE READING
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