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Scott Pruitt’s resignation has inspired as many memes as he had scandals

The internet is collectively rejoicing now that Scott Pruitt has resigned as EPA head.  Trump announced Pruitt’s resignation, effective Monday, through Twitter. The now former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator not only did the complete opposite of protecting the environment with Reagan-like policies, but also led an administration ridden with ridiculous scandals.  Despite what Trump called...CONTINUE READING

Trump just announced Scott Pruitt’s resignation from the EPA on Twitter

It seems Scott Pruitt suffered one scandal too many as Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday afternoon that he’s accepted Pruitt’s resignation effective Monday. I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to...CONTINUE READING

Salty EPA spokesman slams journalist as ‘a piece of trash’ for doing her job

Okay, everybody, this latest Scott Pruitt scandal has gotten a little out of hand.  SEE ALSO: Scott Pruitt dislikes the EPA logo because he thinks it looks like a marijuana leaf When The Atlantic’s Elaina Plott reached out for comment from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — you know, the government organization Pruitt is running like...CONTINUE READING

Famously thrifty Scott Pruitt tried to buy a used mattress from a Trump Hotel

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, a man who spent $43,000 in government funds on a soundproof phone booth, apparently also wanted to buy an old mattress from Washington, D.C.’s Trump International Hotel. According to an AP report, Pruitt asked senior aide Millan Hupp to hunt for the mattress — a Stearns & Foster mattress...CONTINUE READING

Scientists fear Scott Pruitt’s new EPA rule will hurt health-related regulations

In regulating air and water pollution in the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leans on scientific studies to guide the writing of regulations. The agency is still relying on landmark studies, such as one conducted by Harvard University in 1993, that established the link between air pollution and premature deaths, in order to justify...CONTINUE READING

Pruitt’s EPA will now classify burning wood as ‘carbon neutral,’ baffling scientists (among others)

Under a new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy unveiled on Monday, burning forest products, known as biomass, will now be considered a “carbon neutral” fuel source.  The EPA’s action, which EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced before an audience of Georgia timber industry leaders, for now settles the question of whether chopping down trees, turning them...CONTINUE READING

Scott Pruitt dislikes the EPA logo because he thinks it looks like a marijuana leaf

Maybe you can see it better than we can. According to the New York Times, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt isn’t happy with the organization’s seal, which has been in place for nearly 50 years. SEE ALSO: Here’s a running list of all the Scott Pruitt scandals The reason: He thinks it looks like...CONTINUE READING

Scott Pruitt just tried to explain those raises and it went oh so terribly wrong

It’s been a helluva few days for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt. After controversy on top of controversy, Pruitt was found to have used a little-known provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act to give sizable raises to political aides on Tuesday.  The provision permits the EPA administrator to hire up to 30...CONTINUE READING

Here’s a running list of all the Scott Pruitt scandals

News broke Tuesday that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt used a provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act to give significant pay raises to two political aides. It was pretty shocking, but hardly surprising given Pruitt’s background. He’s no stranger to controversy. Ever since Pruitt assumed the role as head of the EPA,...CONTINUE READING
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