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Facebook holds eye-tracking technology patents, but denies using them…for now

Facebook holds at least two patents to track user eye movements, but denies that it’s currently developing the technology. “Like many companies, we apply for a wide variety of patents to protect our intellectual property. Right now we’re not building technology to identify people with eye-tracking cameras,” Facebook wrote in a 229-page response to a...CONTINUE READING

Review: 2-factor authentication on iPhone gets dirt-simple with this keyfob

YubiKey NEO $50 View Product The Good Provides instantaneous 2-factor auth without silly codes • Ultra portable design doesn’t weigh you down • Built to last The Bad Pricey for what it does • Doesn’t work with Twitter and other big sites The Bottom Line The YubiKey NEO simplifies two-factor authentication, even on the iPhone....CONTINUE READING

We fooled the OnePlus 6’s face unlock with a printed photo

One of the OnePlus 6’s (and 5T’s) best features is face unlock. It’s arguably the fastest on any phone, but the caveat is that it’s way less secure than, say, the iPhone X’s Face ID. Just how insecure is the OnePlus 6’s face unlock? A video shared by Twitter user @rikvduijn suggests the phone’s facial...CONTINUE READING

The best VPN deals of 2018 in the UK

Have you ever thought about how much of your personal data is relayed whilst you’re browsing the internet?  SEE ALSO: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook testimony turned into a lesson on how the internet works Personal data is amongst one of the most valuable resources one can gather. This on top of how naturally insecure the internet...CONTINUE READING

IBM bans workers from using all removable storage devices, like USB sticks

The fear of “leaks” is spreading. IBM reportedly won’t let its employees use any removable storage devices, like USB drives, SD cards, and flash drives. According to The Register, the company informed employees of the change in written advisory, stating that the new policy was to avoid leaks and security breaches. SEE ALSO: IBM is...CONTINUE READING

Woman was fined $500 for bringing a single apple into the airport

Going through security and customs isn’t anyone’s favorite part of traveling, but sometimes it’s not just inconvenient — it can get super pricey.  Crystal Tadlock, a Colorado woman returning from France over the weekend, was fined $500 for one single apple.  This apple wasn’t plucked from a French orchard or taken from an open air...CONTINUE READING

Why Ashley Madison still isn’t dead

Ashley Madison prioritizes discretion. That shouldn’t be surprising for a dating site focused on infidelity, but it’s quite ironic given a 2015 scandal that exposed email addresses, credit card transactions, and the personal information of 32 million users.  At least two Ashley Madison users reportedly committed suicide in the wake of the massive hack and...CONTINUE READING

Panera Bread exposed millions of customer records because LOL security

Here’s your daily reminder there’s no such thing as true security. Panera Bread, the beloved St. Louis-based bakery chain, is the latest company to show how much it doesn’t care about protecting customer data. SEE ALSO: Hackers steal credit card data from 5 million Saks and Lord & Taylor customers The food chain’s website reportedly...CONTINUE READING

Be the superhero hacker the world needs, and learn it all for less than $40

As long as online data exists, someone will be out there plotting ways to steal it. (Ahem.)  Now that we live in an era where identity theft, copyright infringement, and all sorts of cybercrimes are rampant, companies are willing to pay top dollar to ethical hackers who can protect them from these attacks. Someone who...CONTINUE READING

Mark Zuckerberg breaks silence on Cambridge Analytica scandal, announces 3 big changes to Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally responded to the scandal involving data firm Cambridge Analytica, which has been accused of harvesting 50 million Facebook profiles without user consent. SEE ALSO: Facebook was kicked out of Cambridge Analytica’s office while trying to ‘secure evidence’ Zuck’s answer to the issue: an audit of every app and service...CONTINUE READING
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