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WhatsApp provides new workforce messaging privateness settings

WhatsApp has rolled out a new common sense privacy setting that may also make it more difficult for harmful content to spread through the platform. Starting Wednesday, WhatsApp users will be able to specify who is able to add them to groups, and to accept or reject invitations sent through DMs.  Now, in WhatsApp’s settings,...CONTINUE READING

How scientists are operating to forestall your frame from being ‘hacked’

The increasing popularity of wearable devices has researchers concerned about the security of the internet of the body. Purdue University professors and students of electrical and computer engineering are working on a device that could provide a safer solution. Read more…More about Technology, Security, Health, Internet, and Mashable Video

five of the most productive house safety cameras in the United Kingdom

We all want homes that are safe and secure. Yet, according to the real estate listings we definitely skimmed, fortress inventory is at an all-time low. Additionally, the landscape architect we totally interviewed informed us that moats haven’t been en vogue since the Middle Ages. Fortunately, we remembered that we live in the 21st century...CONTINUE READING

Twitter nonetheless assists in keeping archives of your DMs years after you deleted them

Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good. You know how when you delete a Twitter DM and you’re expecting it to, like, be erased and non-retrievable ever again? Turns out Twitter‘s still keeping archives of deleted DMs according to a security researcher who shared his discovery with TechCrunch. SEE ALSO: Brand Twitter, please stay away from the...CONTINUE READING

Give protection to your stuff with this sensible secure that is on sale for 33% off

We all have valuable earthly possessions that we guard with our life. Maybe yours is a family heirloom. Or a guitar pick you nabbed from a rock concert. Or perhaps a baseball card that “could be worth millions of dollars.”  Whatever it is, it’s not enough that you protect them under lock and key. You...CONTINUE READING
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