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Instagram users are reporting the same bizarre hack

Krista, an Instagram user with more than 4,500 followers on her fitness account, noticed something strange on Saturday evening: she had been logged out of her account.  When she tried to log back in, she got a message that her username didn’t exist. She soon realized her handle and photo had both been changed, as...CONTINUE READING

‘SNL’ and ‘It’s Always Sunny’ writers lend their talents to a new, anti-theft Alexa app

You can get smart lights and plugs to simulate you being home when you’re out, but that costs a lot of money. The fix? If you have an Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled speaker this new “Away Mode” skill by Hippo might be the saving grace that doesn’t break the bank.  SEE ALSO: Google announces its...CONTINUE READING

Google announces its first foray into the security key market

Google is having a busy week at its Cloud Next ’18 conference, but it’s primarily been all software announcements. That changed on Wednesday with the Titan Security Key. SEE ALSO: WiFi security is finally getting an update after 14 years The Titan is a physical security key that adds a layer of authentication to an...CONTINUE READING

Google Chrome’s new protection against Meltdown and Spectre bugs will slow your computer down

Good news! Google has added new safeguards to its Chrome web browser to protect you from the critical Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities discovered in January. The bad news: Chrome is now an even bigger memory (RAM) hog than before. So if your computer’s already feeling the performance pinch because it doesn’t have a bountiful...CONTINUE READING

US taxpayer data went missing thanks to IRS carelessness, says report

An IRS warehouse in Tennessee holding taxpayer data did not know it was holding taxpayer data, found a new analysis by the Treasury Department. In fact, the top official at the warehouse learned from the inspector that taxpayer information was being stored there. “If appropriate officials are not aware that [personally identifiable information] has been...CONTINUE READING
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