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Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron couple up in trailer for ‘Lengthy Shot’

“It’s Pretty Woman, but she’s Richard Gere and you’re Julia Roberts.”  Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but the rom-com is alive and well. Its next stars? Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in Long Shot, a Cinderella story following the blossoming romance between U.S. Secretary of State turned presidential candidate Charlotte Field (Theron) and...CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen has been casually posting protection warnings on rappers’ Instagram pictures

Seth Rogen has everybody’s best interests at heart. He enjoys a good time, sure — who doesn’t? — but his number one priority is safety. On Monday, Twitter user @Montana1317 pointed out a trend in the actor’s Instagram comments. Shoutout to @Sethrogen for always caring about the safety of rappers pic.twitter.com/Hm2ES1S1Ug — Montana (@Montana1317) February...CONTINUE READING

Even Macaulay Culkin did not know the gangster film in ‘House By myself’ is faux

It’s the end of the year, but it isn’t too late to learn something new before 2019!  Seth Rogen — and a number of Twitter users — didn’t know that the old movie Kevin McCallister watches in Home Alone isn’t a real movie. In a tweet, Rogen said he believed Angels With Filthy Souls was...CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen just shared a little known ‘Duck Hunt’ secret and it’s blowing people’s minds

In the heyday of the 1984 video game Duck Hunt, there was no social media, no internet, and no easy way of informing the general public of video game tricks.  But now, we have Twitter. And Seth Rogen just shared a major Duck Hunt revelation after having kept it to himself for 25 years. SEE...CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen is officially the new voice of Vancouver transit

Seth Rogen is now the official voice of Vancouver’s TransLink’s buses and SkyTrains, because why not? The Vancouver native offered to voice announcements for the city’s transportation system after TransLink cut ties with Morgan Freeman — who was originally slated to do the announcements — after he was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior in May....CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen calls out Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for the platform’s white supremacist problem

Seth Rogen is sick and tired of how Twitter has been dealing with the racists and white supremacists who plague the platform. The actor called out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday in a public tweet. I’ve been DMing with @jack about his bizarre need to verify white supremacists on his platform for the last...CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen just discovered a woman is traveling Russia with a Seth Rogen cardboard cutout

Please, for just a moment, divert your attention from the 2018 World Cup or whatever the president is saying. Instead, take delight in this unexpected love story between a Russian woman and her Seth Rogen cardboard cutout companion.  SEE ALSO: Seth Rogen refused Paul Ryan’s selfie request in front of the congressman’s kids The actor...CONTINUE READING

Seth Rogen refused Paul Ryan’s selfie request in front of the congressman’s kids

Seth Rogen stopped by The Late Show on Friday to chat about work, Canada’s marijuana legalization, and the time he shut down Paul Ryan’s selfie request in front of his own kids. The actor told Stephen Colbert that earlier this month he shared an incredibly awkward moment with the Speaker of the House at Mitt...CONTINUE READING

With Morgan Freeman out, Seth Rogen offers to be the voice of Vancouver public transit

Seth Rogen is the public transit hero we need. CNN published an exposé of Morgan Freeman’s alleged sexual misconduct and harassment on Thursday, detailing his inappropriate behavior with eight women. Freeman was signed on to be the voice of Vancouver’s TransLink system as part of an ad campaign for Visa this summer. But after CNN’s...CONTINUE READING
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