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Now is your chance to get a robot vacuum for cheap — these ones are all on sale

We may not have reached the age of The Jetsons where robot maids like Rosie are commonplace, but we do have something close: robot vacuums. These little helpers rove around our homes and do all the (floor) cleaning for us when we’re too exhausted after a long day at work or when we’re just feeling...CONTINUE READING

Celebrate Apple’s iPhone event with these deals on smartphone accessories

Today’s the big day of Apple’s annual iPhone event, but good luck getting your hands on the latest and greatest any time soon. Luckily, there are some great accessories that play nice with Apple (and can satisfy your consumerism itch.) Better yet? All of them are on sale.  PowerTime Smart Watch Charging Dock This charging...CONTINUE READING

Amazon Prime is offering a host of exclusive shows for the UK, including the US Open live

Amazon Prime offers a complete package of goodies to make your life easier. From unlimited one-day delivery to exclusive access to the latest deals, Prime delivers something for everyone. If you are still dithering over whether Prime is right for you, the current and upcoming Prime Video content for the UK may give you that...CONTINUE READING

Walmart will give you nearly $100 off an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus through Aug. 17

   Advantages of being Team iPhone: Apple street cred and blue iMessages. What else is there? Disadvantages of being Team iPhone: Well, they tend to shit out after about two years of use (conveniently near the time a new iPhone is about to be released). If you’re really unlucky, yours croaked way early — and...CONTINUE READING

17 of the best headphones for students, according to reviews

Investing in a good pair of headphones is a must for any student, whether they’re studying for college finals or doing SAT prep in high school and just about everything else in between. SEE ALSO: 20 things you need to survive life in a college dorm A really good pair of noise cancelling headphones is...CONTINUE READING

No more lag: Find the best router for working, gaming, streaming, and more

There’s almost nothing that can be done these days without some sort of internet connection. Whether its streaming the latest season of Luke Cage on Netflix or pulling up work email on your phone, a good internet connection has become essential. And to get the best quality, you need a router that can deliver. SEE...CONTINUE READING

12 of the best essential oil diffusers for relaxing with aromatherapy

Everyone, including you, needs some time to relax and re-focus the mind, body, and soul as a good part of good mental health and peace of mind for a long life and future. It’s 2018 y’all and self care is a buzzword for a reason. While essential oils like citrus, lavender, ginger, and peppermint oils...CONTINUE READING
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