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Save $449 and bring home a little taste of Italy with this high-end Philips espresso machine

Most coffee makers are fairly straightforward devices, using either fresh grinds or single-use cups. However, nothing can beat a nice espresso or cappuccino to give the start of your day an extra kick. And if that’s the kind of coffee you’ve been craving, Amazon has one of the best espresso machines on the market on...CONTINUE READING

Save $249 on the Apple iPad Air 2 at Walmart and stay connected wherever you are

While iPads are totally awesome, they don’t come cheap. That’s typical for Apple, which charges a premium for their devices. (The new iPhone XS Max for example? It *starts* at $1,099, while the 512 GB is a whopping $1,449.) Thankfully, if you’re looking for an iPad, Walmart has a great sale that you should take...CONTINUE READING

Save $100 on this Cuisinart coffee maker at Walmart and get it for just $64

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee in the morning — or at 3 pm on a Wednesday. (Must. Have. Caffeine.) But if you don’t have a coffee maker at home, you’ll end up spending a lot of money at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and elsewhere while trying to get your java fix. If you want...CONTINUE READING

Learn how to take better photos using your iPhone X camera

Another year, another brand new iPhone. Apple has yet again pulled a Rafiki and proudly introduced to the world their latest baby — the iPhone XS. As with previous releases, the brand spanking new smartphone boasts an even more improved camera. As much as it is enjoyable to take selfies and show everyone how you...CONTINUE READING

Make every day a spa day with this handheld massager that’s on sale

On the one hand, some aches and pains feel like trophies after a particularly grueling workout. But let’s not forget that sore muscles hurt. A lot. Being too sore to do something as mundane as walk up a flight of stairs or sit in a chair is annoying.  It’s no secret that a good ‘ol massage is...CONTINUE READING

Save on this Nintendo Switch bundle at Walmart and celebrate National Video Games Day on the go

It’s fair to say that Nintendo pretty much knocked it out of the park with Switch. It’s a console that can be used both at home and on the go, though the downside is that there tends to be a lack of system bundles available. Thankfully, Walmart has bucked that trend just in time for...CONTINUE READING

Dream of working in the video game industry? This $12 online course can get you started.

It’s been incredible watching the video game industry practically explode since the 1980s, going from arcade cabinets made by handful of people to massive and immersive experiences that require the ingenuity and skills of hundred-person teams. And while it would be great to work on a project like Cyberpunk 2077, landing a job in the...CONTINUE READING

Dell has its 4K monitors on sale for $200 off, plus get a free $100 Dell gift card

In the market for a new monitor but trying to not spend a ridiculous amount? You have a few options: Like waiting until the holidays for a massive sale or meeting up with a sketchy dude from Craigslist to buy his old one. Oh yeah, or you could just order from Dell. Because they’re offering...CONTINUE READING

Save $120 on an Xbox One X, ‘PUBG,’ and controller bundle for National Video Games Day

We know it’s crazy to consider, but the holiday season is just a couple months away. As such, all of the year’s biggest games are going to hit like an avalanche. From Battlefield V and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fallout 76, there are almost too many games to choose from....CONTINUE READING

Save $80 on the Amazon Echo Look and let Alexa give you fashion help

Need help choosing an outfit in the morning? The Amazon Echo Look is available on sale for $119.99, saving you $80 from the listed price of $199.99. The Echo Look gives Alexa a voice in helping you dress for success everyday. With voice commands, you can take head-to-toe pictures and quick videos of your outfit...CONTINUE READING
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