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Have summer allergies? Save $10 on this air purifier.

Just because spring is over doesn’t mean you’re done with allergy season. If you’ve ever had a cold in the middle of a heat wave, you very well know summer allergies are a thing, and they suck. Plus, if you live in a bustlin’ metropolis, your body is constantly exposed to the pollutants floating around...CONTINUE READING

These are the self-improvement journals you’ll actually use

Productivity and self-improvement apps are basically shoved down your throat the minute you open the app store, but for a lot of people, nothing beats good ‘ol pen and paper. If you’re the analog type and find writing more cathartic and therapeutic than typing, you may want to opt for journals instead of apps for...CONTINUE READING

Save 53% on these wireless, noise-canceling headphones by Plantronics

Imagine your ideal trip to the gym. There are no grunting weightlifters, no clanging coming from the squat rack, and you can’t even hear a hint of the mind-numbing pump-up music pouring out of the gym’s speakers. All you hear is your own personal soundtrack, loud and clear, playing from headphones that are as effortless...CONTINUE READING

Save $20 on this rice cooker that delivers perfect crispy rice every single time

If you’ve tried your hand at cooking rice and thought it was a complete disaster due to the existence of a golden, crusty layer at the bottom of the pot, you should know that that crispy sheet has a name: tahdig. In a lot of Asian cultures, tahdig is considered a treat and may even...CONTINUE READING

A bento box-inspired accessory case keeps cords organized on the go

Between your MacBook charger, iPhone and iPad cables, AirPods, Apple Pencil, and multicolored Apple Watch straps, it can be annoying to organize everything, especially when you’re traveling. In fact, even if you’re only chilling at your desk, it’s tempting to just stow them away in a random drawer and leave them stuck in a tangled...CONTINUE READING

Head-up display devices are on sale, can keep you safer on the road

The integration of smartphones, GPS, and advanced infotainment consoles in our cars have undoubtedly made driving easier and more enjoyable. But they’ve also added distractions to an experience that really demands our undivided attention. After all, taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds makes you 24x more likely to get in an...CONTINUE READING

Sorc’d helps you digitally highlight and save relevant content on the fly

Thanks to the multitudes of emails, articles, tweets, and digital content you consume every day, there are times where you cannot for the life of you name the source of a particular quote or fact you’re trying to remember.  And so you either have to exhaust your browser history to find it, or go through...CONTINUE READING

Save $33 on this portable Bluetooth speaker that also charges your devices

If there’s anything you don’t want when you’re exploring the outdoors hiking or camping, it’s a dead device. Even though you might be going off the grid, it’s important to be able to contact the outside world in case of an emergency and/or to stay sane.  SEE ALSO: Best cheap Bluetooth speakers, according to online...CONTINUE READING

Learn to take professional quality photos with this online course

A photo is like a memory that you can return to always. Better make sure it’s not blurry. The Professional Photography Bundle shows you how to become a better photographer. Not only will you take high-quality photos you can rely on to preserve your fondest memories, but you could potentially turn your proficiency with a...CONTINUE READING
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