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Save an additional 15% off this water resistant speaker that lasts for 24 hours

There’s no better way to celebrate warm weather than by going outdoors and enjoying it. And while nothing quite matches the intrinsic glory of nature, we can safely say Beyoncé makes everything better. Listen to your favorite tunes outside with this ultra-durable, compact VAVA Voom 23 IPX6 Rugged Portable Speaker. Unlike other portable speakers that...CONTINUE READING

Get an entire life club to those e-learning libraries for tremendous reasonable

Back in the olden days — and by olden days, we mean 20 years ago — you’d have to make a trip to the library and flip open a huge encyclopedia to research a topic. And if you really wanted to take a deep dive on something, you’d have to enroll in classes and show...CONTINUE READING

Kodiak Leather-based duffel luggage on sale this weekend with promo code

Finding leather duffel bags is often tricky because most selections fall in one of two camps. They’re either wallet-friendly yet glaringly flimsy, or high-quality and timeless but the price tag would require you to survive on nothing but ramen for a month. Jared Morse, an outdoorsman and proud Utahn, found the lack of reasonably-priced bags...CONTINUE READING

This $30 machine will make packing such a lot more uncomplicated

As fun as traveling the world is in theory, it can also be incredibly exhausting. New places are unfamiliar and hard to get around. There are flight and train delays. There’s jet lag, and new time zones. And of course, all these problems are only exacerbated when you’re also dragging around a big, bulky bag...CONTINUE READING

Need to be told Salesforce? Those reasonable on-line classes is also all you want.

If there’s one skill that can add an extra kick to your résumé, it’s Salesforce — the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform now ubiquitous at all sorts of enterprise companies. Its cloud-based apps power work productivity at every stage of the sales funnel, from lead generation to executing upon final sales. In fact, Salesforce...CONTINUE READING

five affordable on-line lessons that would permit you to land a task in AI

These days, pundits galore are proselytizing about the Future of Work. Depending on who you ask, the robots may or may not be taking over, leaving us mere humans pondering how work fits into our lives and whether we’re going to be eventually rendered obsolete. Just look at the stark contrast in tone between these...CONTINUE READING

Save an extra 15% on those non-public hygiene necessities

No one likes getting ready for bed. But if you’re one of the many rushing through your bathroom hygiene routine, the only victim is yourself. Taking care of your face, and especially the inside of your mouth, can have long-term effects on your health. The good news is technology has delivered some pretty useful gadgets...CONTINUE READING

Snag this life like portray device on sale for 40% off

The creative prowess of a great artist is contingent upon what they do with what they have. If someone is truly talented, they can create something spectacular with even a tool as rudimentary as, say, MS Paint. Just ask Picasso (FYI: He only used common house paint in some of his masterpieces.) This isn’t to...CONTINUE READING

Flu season remains to be right here — combat it with this sale on humidifiers

It’s not just you who felt “a little something coming on” right when you thought flu season was behind you — so did millions of Americans across the country. It’s true: flu season is far from over. There’s a more severe strain of influenza spreading across the U.S. at the moment, and everyone is at...CONTINUE READING

Be informed all about this AWS competitor with those affordable on-line lessons

Anyone running an enterprise business is worshipping at the feet of Amazon Web Services. But in the midst of all the hubbub surrounding AWS, what about other options?  Microsoft’s platform Azure flies under the radar when it comes to fast and reliable cloud computing services, but pound for pound it easily keeps up with its...CONTINUE READING
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