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Learn hundreds of new tech skills with unlimited access to these online courses

One of the best roads to job security is the ability to do stuff your boss can’t do. And while some of your friends might be considering the classic route (going back to grad school), the idea of crippling debt and tedious lectures might not sound so great to you. Instead, try conquering new skill...CONTINUE READING

Your nightstand needs this Alexa-compatible smart alarm clock that’s on sale

Odds are you’ve probably had the same fake-wood-paneled drugstore alarm clock since the Bush administration, or you’ve resorted to setting an alarm on your smartphone and laying it next to your pillow every night.  If any of that sounds familiar, you should check out Vobot. This cute little device is like a combination white noise...CONTINUE READING

Ever dreamed of making your LEGOs fly as a kid? Now you can with this DIY drone kit.

Is it just us, or have people become drone-obsessed lately? They fly them in parks, beaches — basically any wide open area they can find. Your neighbor’s drone is probably even lodged in the tree in your backyard as you read this. With the rise of recreational drones, users are more concerned with how to...CONTINUE READING

Pagico is a $20 app that can help you get your shit together at work

In the workplace, it’s simply not enough that you get shit done. It’s just as important that you get your shit together, too. You don’t want to be that colleague who’s known to be scatterbrained and unreliable; the one often on the receiving end of that passive-aggressive “as per my last email” note. If you...CONTINUE READING

Learn how to become a full-stack developer in less than 20 hours

If you want to immerse yourself in programming and thrive in tech, you don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars on a degree. The Become A Full-Stack Developer course packs all the goods to turn you into a master of both ends of the dev process.  Not sure if it’s right for you? Take...CONTINUE READING

Your toothbrush is probably dirtier than you realize — this can help clean it

Not to freak you out or anything, but your toothbrush is really, really dirtyAccording to a study at the University of Manchester in England, there are over 10 million bacteria on your toothbrush at any given moment. Um, ew. Sure, the thought of sticking a dirty toothbrush in your mouth is unsettling, but what’s the...CONTINUE READING

Now is your chance to get a robot vacuum for cheap — these ones are all on sale

We may not have reached the age of The Jetsons where robot maids like Rosie are commonplace, but we do have something close: robot vacuums. These little helpers rove around our homes and do all the (floor) cleaning for us when we’re too exhausted after a long day at work or when we’re just feeling...CONTINUE READING

Learn how to become a better writer in just 5 hours with this $10 course

Prolific writers like William Shakespeare, James Patterson, and J.K Rowling make writing look easy. Truth is, it’s anything but. Between finding a unique, zippy opener to decoding a jumble of thoughts and emotions into clean, concise prose, the whole process can be grueling. Yes, even for professional writers. And when it comes to writing persuasively?...CONTINUE READING

5 products to help you get the best sleep of your life

It’s insane how much sleep deprivation can impact your life. Not getting the prescribed 7-8 hours a night can turn a person into a cranky monster. Not to mention, it also affects one’s cognitive abilities, making you less productive at work.  Luckily, there are many products on the market that are specifically designed to help...CONTINUE READING
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