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Store this sale to show your iOS units into 360-degree 4K cameras

In terms of active users, virtual reality is predicted to be as big as Netflix by 2022. That makes it all the more surprising that Apple — typically a trailblazer when it comes to digital imaging — has yet to add 360-video capabilities to its iPhones. For all of the features it’s packed into the...CONTINUE READING

Save 50% on on-line coaching for venture managers and cybersecurity execs

Whether you’re the head honcho of your own business or a team member within a large corporation, one thing’s for sure: If you’re not constantly improving your expertise and qualifications, you can’t grow professionally. Your career is sort of like a great white shark in that way — if it stops moving, it dies.  For...CONTINUE READING

five Instagram equipment that will help you spice up your following and engagement

No matter how fervently we beg them, Instagram refuses to budge on their stance of NOT reverting to the chronological news feedThe algorithm is here to stay, folks, and there’s nothing we can do about it. SEE ALSO: Instagram’s new scrolling feature briefly inspires absolute fury You could swear off the platform altogether (we know...CONTINUE READING

6 on-line classes which can be on sale and will let you ace your subsequent activity interview

Job hunting is basically a job in itself — and a humbling one at thatAccording to one estimate, a whopping 98% of hopeful job seekers are eliminated after an initial résumé screening; only 2% of us make it to actual interviews. It’s just a *tad* bleak out there, folks.  If you’re lucky enough to land...CONTINUE READING

Leading edge wintry weather tools and equipment on sale at this time

The season that Ned Stark has always warned us about is now full swing. Winter is here, and as evidenced by the bone-numbing winds that feel like a massive slap in the face when it lashes out, snow season won’t die down anytime soon. Not until March, at least.  So what does a man or...CONTINUE READING

This blender cleans itself — which might simply be the rationale you get started making smoothies in 2019

Turns out we’re really bad at this whole “new year, new me” thing. According to the diabetes management company Virta Health, our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight fail 54%, 44%, and 41% of the time, respectively.  To break this cycle of unmet promises, you’re better off breaking your health...CONTINUE READING

Hiya jet setters, snag those go back and forth adapters on sale and stay your gadgets glad

Here’s a secret that travel magazines usually forget to let you in on about multi-country vacation must-haves: A travel adapter is just as necessary as your passport.  You wouldn’t want to be on the opposite side of the world, stuck in a hotel with a dead phone and laptop, because the only available power outlet...CONTINUE READING

This water bottle too can retailer snacks and we completely really feel observed

Fluorescent lights. Sweaty treadmills. The pungent stench of perspiring persons who, apparently, haven’t yet heard the news that deodorant exists. You could spend an hour of every day amid that triple threat of ickiness inside your local gym — or, you know, you could just go outside more. Some experts have gone so far as...CONTINUE READING

An app may well be the name of the game to if truth be told saving cash this 12 months

According to a recent Credit Karma survey, almost one in four of us reports going into debt during each year-end holiday season. If that’s the case for you, you’re probably wishing you could go and give your 2018 self a stern talking-to.  But since Cher still hasn’t figured out how to turn back time and...CONTINUE READING

Discover ways to construct a web page other people love with those on-line classes in UX/UI

When you install certain fonts, fine-tune a color scheme, and create call-to-action buttons, you’re doing more than just beautifying a website — you’re increasing its overall trustworthiness. In a study conducted by researchers in the UK, 94% of respondents said they didn’t trust a website if it involved complex layouts, small print, boring color choices,...CONTINUE READING
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