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Expand your phone’s storage with this iOS flash drive

The iPhone never has as much storage space as we’d wish it would. iCloud alleviated that slightly by offering a way to access photos, music, and videos without maxing out your hard drive, but it also required an internet connection to open those files. Media junkies on the go (think photographers, editors, DJs, etc.) need...CONTINUE READING

This $16 accessory helps solve the Nintendo Switch battery power issue

When Nintendo created the Switch, they managed to combine their knack for pure, childlike gaming bliss with some innovative technological achievements. So it’s no surprise that the system is their biggest hit in decades. But while the Switch has no shortage of cool features, there’s one thing it is short on: battery power. SEE ALSO:...CONTINUE READING

Could this weird $12 gadget be the cure for snoring?

Chances are, you’ve encountered an awful snorer at some point in your life. Maybe it was that person you sat next to on a trans-Atlantic flight. Maybe it was your old college roommate. Maybe it’s your partner. Who knows? Maybe it’s you. Snoring is common — the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found 40% of...CONTINUE READING

This safety device could bail you out during an auto emergency — and it’s on sale

You may have a spare tire at the ready and a fully-stocked emergency kit in your trunk, but none of that can prepare you for road emergencies like overheating, a sudden breakdown, or worse, your breaks failing. You can’t predict when these car-related troubles will happen.  If you get stuck in an area without phone...CONTINUE READING

Learn photography skills with this online class and dominate Instagram

If you want to acquire the skills to go from nascent Instagrammer to full-fledged influencer, you’ll have to commit some time for training. The Smartphone Photography Basics Bundle is an online training series comprised of four different courses, all for only $29. Take a look at what’s included: Discovering Your Creative Voice If writers experience...CONTINUE READING

Start mixing your own music with this DJ software that’s on sale for $19

Professional DJing can be a rewarding career — just ask the folks making millions from weekly appearances at plush Vegas hotels. But before the fame and groupies and global gigs, you typically need to buy a ton of expensive gear (and learn how to use it)Future.dj Pro mixing software can help you with at least one...CONTINUE READING

Overcome your fear of public speaking with this $19 online course

Learning to be a better public speaker won’t just help you get through a wedding speech or lead a presentation. It’s a valuable life skill that can make you more assertive, more engaging, and more socially confident in any setting. Think about it: if you can talk to hundreds of people without fainting, talking to...CONTINUE READING

An Adobe CC training like this one could jumpstart your design career

To master Adobe Creative Cloud is to check a monumental prerequisite off your design career list. But it’s easier said than done. This industry standard software suite is dense; some people spend years learning just one application. But with the Pay What You Want Adobe CC Lifetime A-Z Bundle, you can navigate the ins and...CONTINUE READING

These three courses will help you master Microsoft Excel for only $10

If there’s only one office tool you should learn how to use, it’s Microsoft Excel. You may have already been using it to some degree, or maybe you’re just leaving it on your desktop to accumulate digital cobwebs. Either way, harnessing the full potential of the app is key to making your work life easier,...CONTINUE READING

Make the most of your Apple AirPods with these accessories

Aren’t AirPods the best? Sure, we all had some reservations when Apple unveiled these wireless earbuds —  admit it, they look a little silly — but we’ve been pleasantly surprised. In fact, these headphones are one of the best pairs to use at the gym, office, morning commute — just about anywhere. SEE ALSO: Noise-Canceling AirPods...CONTINUE READING
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