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If you want to succeed, let fires burn

Not all problems need immediate solutions.  Entrepreneurs can feel like most of their job is extinguishing metaphorical fires, but spending too much time trying to solve problems can burn the chance for success.  On the second episode of “Masters of Scale,” LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman explains why it’s important to let fires burn.  “Deciding which...CONTINUE READING

How the ‘20% time’ rule led to Google’s most innovative products

Did you know that some of the most iconic Google products start out as side products? On this debut episode of “Masters of Scale,” former Google CEO Eric Schmidt discusses the company’s 20 percent time rule — a policy that allows employees to work on whatever they want for 20 percent of their time on...CONTINUE READING

T.J. Miller arrested, accused of calling in fake bomb threat

Comedian and former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller was arrested for calling 911 and reporting a fake bomb threat back on March 18 while riding an Amtrak train, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor was later apprehended at LaGuardia Airport on Monday, April 9. According to a press release from the US District Attorney...CONTINUE READING

Denmark hired a tech ambassador. After what happened with Facebook, maybe every country should.

Casper Klynge is not a conventional diplomat. And serving as Denmark’s, and indeed the world’s, first tech ambassador required him to rewrite the international relations playbook.  SEE ALSO: He fooled an entire nation with a fake Facebook profile. Then I tracked him down. The role of tech ambassador was created by the Danish government as...CONTINUE READING

YouTube accused of violating child privacy law that killed ‘Silicon Valley’ chat app

According to an FTC complaint filed by 23 child protection groups, YouTube is violating the same law that brought down Silicon Valley’s PiperChat. In YouTube’s case, the complaint alleges, it’s for collecting data on children. Silicon Valley fans will remember Dinesh Chugtai racking up a $21 billion fine — “the size of a small nation’s...CONTINUE READING

Why electric auto’s newest player SF Motors hasn’t said much… until now.

Just about everyone is buzzing about electric vehicles these days. Yet, despite charging stations popping up at work, and autonomous rideshare safety systems dominating the nightly news, most of us still drive (ourselves) to the gas station pump every week. The EV industry has been plagued with production and affordability issues that have prevented the...CONTINUE READING

Congrats to ‘Silicon Valley’ on this sick Facebook burn

The opening credits of Silicon Valley are among the most delightful on television. Each season’s title sequence offers a fresh crop of newsy Easter eggs for fans and Sunday’s start of the new season was no different. This time, there’s a very sharp Facebook barb in there. Dunking on Facebook is very in right now,...CONTINUE READING

FCC’s net neutrality ruling gets pushback from big tech’s lobbying group

The net neutrality fight rages on, and now tech’s big lobbying group is signing on.  The Internet Association — a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group that represents Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and dozens of other tech companies on public policy issues — filed a motion to intervene against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling on net...CONTINUE READING
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