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Category / Silicon Valley

Twitter, high on 280 characters, more than doubles the length of display names

What good are 280 characters if you have to shout them from a measly 20-character display name? Just two days following the surprise announcement that Twitter would be doubling the character count allowed per tweet, the San Francisco-based company is back with another update — and you’d better believe it’s about yet even more characters....CONTINUE READING

WeWork founders want to help children start their own businesses for some reason

Co-working space provider WeWork is looking towards a new generation of entrepreneurs—many of whom probably don’t know what that word means. The $20 billion startup said Monday that it’s launching a private elementary school inside one its trendy New York office spaces with a pilot class of seven, including a child of founders Adam and...CONTINUE READING

Silicon Valley is obsessed with fasting. Experts call it ‘highly irresponsible.’

Silicon Valley has long been obsessed with optimizing people’s lives.  From voice-activated assistants to devices that micromanage physical activity down to the last step to remote-controlled home temperature systems, Silicon Valley just won’t rest until it’s made every aspect of your life more efficient.  SEE ALSO: Google removes Maps feature showing calories and mini-cupcakes after...CONTINUE READING

‘Silicon Valley’ star Kumail Nanjiani warns ‘tech has the capacity to destroy us’

Starring in a comedy about tech isn’t always funny, one of HBO’s Silicon Valley stars explained in a cynical Twitter thread Wednesday. Kumail Nanjiani, who plays software engineer Dinesh in the TV series, shared some thoughts on how tech companies don’t consider the ethical implications of what they’re building.  SEE ALSO: ‘Black Mirror’ predicted this...CONTINUE READING

Russian Facebook trolls advocated killing ‘dangerous illegal aliens’

This just keeps getting worse. Another messed-up shoe has dropped in the ongoing saga of Facebook’s influence on the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This time, it’s the revelation that Russian-linked troll accounts called for race-based violence.  Facebook has so far refused to publicly release the Russian-backed ads that ran on its platform, potentially reaching up...CONTINUE READING

Robert Scoble doesn’t know what sexual harassment is

Sexual harassment doesn’t just mean a boss harassing his secretary. Any person in the workplace can sexually harass any of his colleagues—even if he doesn’t have the power to “make or break” their careers.  That’s something that Robert Scoble, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur, blogger, and fixture at tech conferences, doesn’t seem to understand.  Scoble responded...CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s ad ‘Transparency Center’ is a good first step, but doesn’t solve the problem

Twitter knows it has an ad problem.  On Tuesday, the company announced a series of reforms aimed at disclosing more information about its ads. This new policy followed reports that the social media behemoth’s own tools were used by Russia-linked groups in an attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election, and represents a good first...CONTINUE READING

The woman who took down Uber gives her first interview since speaking up

Eight months ago, engineer Susan Fowler published a blog post describing a culture of sexism and sexual harassment throughout Uber.  Her words set off a firestorm at Uber that led to the ouster of founder Travis Kalanick as CEO, predated widespread allegations of sexual harassment against venture capitalists in Silicon Valley this summer, and even...CONTINUE READING

This venture capital fund wants investors as passionate as philanthropists

Lindsey Taylor Wood spent years working to empower women and girls through nonprofits. But she grew disenchanted with the slow pace of the nonprofit world—and realized that some of its strengths could help improve the quicker-moving world of venture capital.  “I grew disenchanted with philanthropy,” said Taylor Wood. “You can look by and large at...CONTINUE READING

Thirteen years in, Facebook says it will appoint its first black board member

Facebook has committed to appointing a black person to its board of directors, signaling they are  making moves to increase diversity within the company.  The news came out of a meeting between Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and lawmakers in Washington D.C. Thursday, reportedly after members of the Congressional Black Caucus asked her about...CONTINUE READING
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